Encrypt online file - Using Free Encoder, Can it be cracked ?

I am using a free encoder that I am encoding a php file online, I am tring to create a program that will lock a script to a domain but before I get to involved I want to know if it can be cracked easily.  Here is a sample below..

< ? eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('
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'))); ? >

Here is whare I encryped it.. http://www.phprocket.com/demos/locktests/utils_obfuscate.php
If it can be cracked what does the encrypted script say ? and please tell me now you done it.
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No this is no secure mehtod (took me 10 minutes to get the result):

$test="This is just my test!";
$test2="This is also a test";

Script do decode that code:
// $str cotains the string you given above
while (strpos($str, 'gzinflate')) {
    $str = str_replace('?><?', '', $str);
    $str = str_replace('eval(', 'return ', $str);
    $str = str_replace(');', ';', $str);
    echo $str;
    $str = eval($str);
    echo "\n\n";
echo $str;

You can only get a secure encoding by using e.g ZendEncoder or encoded script by mmcache.

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"cracking" even easier - replace eval with echo.

secure encoding of the script is utopical idea. after all, script processor should be able to decode it, and so anyone who control script processor (server in general) will be able to decode it, too.

daveatonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, hernst42

You really o pened my eyes on this one, I had people telling me that it was secure, but you said you cracked it in 10min I guess it would only keep the honest people honest.

I have looked at Zend and I don't have that kind of money, I am going to checkout mmcache, I have heard that name before but not sure where to get it.. I guess it's back to google
and start doing some research. and I am a little afraid of zend because my experience of installing scripts that have been zend encoded.  On servers who refuse to update their zend version
due to the fact because their old one is working just fine..


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