Outlook 2000 Windows Address Book MAPI error

Computer Setup:

W2K w/Office 2000, restricted user account, Outlook Express is NOT installed. IE 6.0

Users request ability to be able to go into Word 2000, and use the Send as Attachment option. Upon clicking the Send as Attachment button the error message about Windows cannot open the Windows Address Book. MAPI 1.0 00000220 error is displayed. Google gives me nearly nothing. Identical error message occurs when attempting to go into IE and send a page via email. I believe it to be a possible permissions issue. I have it successfully working on my (admin) machine, and one restricted machine, but not on any other restricted or admin machine. I can't find anything different between the restricted machines, their installs were both imaged, and the install of Office was from an admin install point, so as near as I can tell everything should be identical.

I'm utterly baffled, and desperately needing this to work, soon. Can anyone please shed a little light? Half a clue? A quarter of a clue?

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Hi Keisha,

First, I just wanted to let you know that Outlook Express is actually required to be installed for Microsoft Outlook to work correctly.  I am assuming you are running Outlook in Corporate or Workgroup mode, because in that mode, it will sometimes work without Outlook Express, but for best functionality, it is better to have it installed.

Now, as far as your other issue, is Microsoft Outlook set to be your default mail client?  To check this, go to Start, Control Panel, Internet Options, Programs tab, make sure Microsoft Outlook is listed next to "Email".

If that doesn't help, try this:

Go into the registry of one of the computers that IS working, and export the following registry keys:

hkey_local_machine\software\clients\mail\microsoft outlook

Then bring those exported reg keys over to a machine that doesn't work, double click them one at a time, which it will ask if you want to add them to the registry, say yes.  

*ALSO - on the machines that aren't working right, check for the existence of the following registry key:


If it exists, export it somewhere to back it up, then delete it.  This is a legacy key from Windows 9x and is no longer used on NT/2k/Xp platforms, yet if the key exists, it will over-ride any settings that exist under the HKey_Local_Machine hive.  (I'm just saying to export it to back it up in case you have a legacy program that uses that key.)

Once all of the reg keys have been added, reboot the computer and then try doing a "send as attachment" from word or the "send page by email" in Internet Explorer.

If it works, add those same reg keys to all of the machines that are not working.

Hope this helps.


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