Older K6-2 333 POSTS Sloooooooowly, then boots fine. Why?

This older HP is absolutely painfully slow on bootup, but only while posting. The BIOS portion takes FOREVER and then when it FINALLY gets to the loading Windows portion it loads rather quickly. What's the deal?

I've reset the BIOS, disconnected the cards, and even unhooked the hard drive at one point. No matter what I do the BIOS takes forever.
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Hi Sootah,
how long has this pc been posting so slowly? is this a new install?

SootahAuthor Commented:
It does it even when the hard drive is disconnected, so it has nothing to do with the OS. Besides, the OS boots great once it FINALLY gets done posting.
SootahAuthor Commented:
I don't know about the amount of time it's been doing it, I only just got the machine from the client and she hadn't told me.
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what about memory, how many sticks do you have, 1, 2, 3?
you might try testing the memory- www.memtest86.com or www.memtest.org

How about:
Is the BIOS enabled for Plug and Play OS?
Have you tried different memory?
Different Video Card?

What does it have has onboard components. Sounds kind of like it is having trouble with the hardware check.

I hate to say this, but it might need a BIOS update. Warning! This usually is not a problem to do, but if it doesn't work, it can kill the mobo.
1)Try all of the above.
2)Go to your bios setup menu..
3)Set to manual any automatic detections of your ide devices
Try the default settings, or best performance
had an old pavilion (HP), did the same thing, not much could be done to fix it, jsut let it post slowly, and got a cup of coffee while I waited

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Check the BIOS for a Quick POST option.

Usually the options are enable/disable.

Be aware that Quick POST skips major hardware tests, hence bigger risk of crashes, but IMO with that machine...

Good luck,

SootahAuthor Commented:
Actually, it takes the same amount of time either way. I've tried it both ways in the hopes that the more comprehensive test would tell me what it's hanging up on.

I think that its something partially burnt out. They had one of the floppy power connectors hooked up to their modem! There's some black on that area of the modem, although it still diags fine.

Odd, eh?

It appears to be just hosed.
Thank you much.    : )

>> It appears to be just hosed <<  It is getting into the "high mileage" level.    : )
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