Data Comparision

I have a following problem.
i opened two connections conn and conn1 so i opened 2 tables from different 2 databases.
but both tables have the joining fileds employee_id and date1.
but i want to fetch only those records which are not same in both tables.

            Table1(Conn)                                  Table2(Conn1)
Employee_id            Date1                     Employee_id            Date1
    13265              11/09/2004               13265              11/09/2004
    13526              11/10/2004               13265              11/09/2004  
    13589              11/11/2004

So i want compare two different databases tables and extract only employeee_id 13589 or "nth employee_ids."
and result in flexgrid.

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You dont have to create two seperate connection for this situation. Create a single recordset having left join from table1 to table2 and filter this so that only records that exist in table one and not in table2 appears.
create your recordset like:

SELECT * FROM Table1 LEFT JOIN Table2 ON (Table1.Employee_id= Table2.Employee_id) AND (Table1.Date1= Table2.Date1) Where Table2.Employee_id Is Null

havent tested code above but this should work. hope this helps:)

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azharmateenAuthor Commented:
But i must  need two different connections.
Then create your two connection if you really need it. then have a seperate one for the recordset above. update the recordset above everytime theres a change in the first two for you to see the changes.:)
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I would say that prior to the comment given by Noel, I think you should give this statement

sql = "select * into tbl2 from table2 in '" & path of the second database goes here & "'

This will put both the tables in the same database.

Then u can run the distinct query statement given by Noel
U can give the points to Noel_castillo, as that is a right procedure
I think we both gave the solution for this question. Because i havent noticed that its from 2 different databases. Thus the points should be splited. :)
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