borders or something

how do I do this to an image basicly I want to make the edges of the image fade to black
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Hi CFDevHead,

There are several ways to do it.

One is by using a large brush loaded with black and running it along the edge of the image. Different brush sizes will yield more or less fading. The advantage of this method is that the result will be uneven if that's what you're going for (as in the sample)

Another way is by selecting the area you want to preserve using either the rectangle tool or the lasso tool, give it a wide Feather, invert it and Fill with Black. In the case of your example, the image would have to be cropped on the top after doing that to get the clean cut. With this method, using the rectangle tool to select the area will yield an even fade on all sides.

Good Vibes!


1.  Hit CTRL-A (to select the whole image with the marquee tool).
2.  Choose 'Select->Modify->Border'.
3.  Choose a value that reflects the width (in pixels) of the border that you require.
4.  Hit ALT-CTRL-D to select the 'feather' dialog.
5.  Choose a value for the width of the 'feather' -> selecting a value that is equal to half your border width would be a good choice.
6.  Hit 'D' (to select the default foreground and background colours - photoshop will default to a black foreground and white background).
7.  SHIFT-CTRL-N (to create a new layer)
8.  Select the paint bucket tool and fill the area defined by the marquee.

If you create the border on a new layer, you'll be able to use specific blending methods to combine the image and border.  The blending mode can be changed from the layers palette.

P.S. I seem to remember that in previous versions of Photoshop, the maximum border width was quite low.  If you're using an older version  you can use the following technique to select the border area.

1.  Hit CTRL-A (to select the whole image with the marquee tool).
2.  Hit 'M' (to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool).
5.  Hold down the ALT key to toggle the Rectangular Marquee Tool into subtractive(-) mode)
4.  (Whilst holding down the ALT key) Click-and-drag to define the area inside the required border.  This area will be subtracted from the originally selected marquee.

... then follow on from point 4 above.

Hope this helps


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