Writing to form in DLL


I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I have made a DLL.

Inside the DLL I have include a form and unit1. On the form is a Memo control.

My guess is I have some kind of scoping issue. I can create the form, show the form, but when I go to write in the Memo control the program crashes.

I have to fully qualify the Memo for intellisense to work. Form1.Memo1.Lines.add(s);

I am guessing that it is because once I leave the procedure that creates the form that the form is no longer recognized?

Can someone show me the proper way to create a form in a DLL and be able to write to a memo from procedures.

I have something along the lines of: (I just sketched this out.. probably not accurate on class names)

Procedure WriteMemo(s:string);

Procedure DoTheWork();
  Form1 : TForm;
  Form1 := TForm.Create(nil)

I am calling DoTheWork from the Library unit.

Any help is appreciated.

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if Form1 is a var declared in DoTheWork, how can WriteMemo access Form1?

perhaps you can modify WriteMemo to take, as parameter, a TMemo and a String? as in

procedure WriteMemo(Memo: TMemo; const S: string);

and your code will be

Form1 := TForm1.Create(nil);
WriteMemo(Form1.Memo, 'SomeText');

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or, instead of local, you can make your Form1 to be global, so that both procedures are accessing the same Form1 variable. I think you might have 2 declarations of Form1 in your unit, one global and one local, hence the crash.
your problem is indeed that you declared Form1 as a local var in Procedure DoTheWork();

AND if your create your form by code only ( Form1 := TForm.Create(nil))
you also need to create the Memo on the form.

best way would probably be to add a new form to the project and design it there and then call that form from main dll project.
KentDRuddickAuthor Commented:

I split the points because both answers led me to my solution.

It was definitely a lack of understanding of the language and some creative programming on my part.

Thanks for the help.
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