Mailbox move - outlook client redirect taking forever

Hi all,

I've moved my mailbox over to a new exchange server using AD/exchange tasks/move.

I've read many articles that tell me that my outlook client should automatically redirect and connect to the new server were my mailbox has moved to provided my the old server I moved the mailbox from is still on.

Okay, did that but it's been over an hour and it is still not redirecting. When I open outlook , it tells me "unable to open default message store" I have 170 mailboxes , it would be real nice to have this feature work . Inside AD my users mailbox is on the new server.  For now I'll leave it over night and try in the morning.

Is there a way I can make the redirect run faster? Some sort of forced replication? Could there be a problem anywhere else, AD replication problem maybe?


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Ah so,

I believe your problem could be due to Active directory replication lag.  Exchange users will be redirected by Exchange to the 1st GC that responds.  In some situation, your GC may not have had the chance to replicate due to schedule or AD replication problems.  You might try forcing Active Directory GC to replicate and or check you application log.  Have you tried recreating the user's profile? or Check using Outlook Web Access?

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Also, if you're moving from Exchange 5.5 the redirect will not work until the ADC connection agreement replicates.  If this is the case you can just change the schedule on the connection agreement to always, or right click on it and force replication.

If this move doesn't involve 5.5 then I think Joekim24x7 is on the money.
DeanUnitedAuthor Commented:
HI ,

Didn't need to re-create their profile, because it is working, but just takes about 1-2 hours. I leave it over night and it's fine inthe morning for users and the automatic change. I'm going from exch 2000 to exch 2000

Any tips on fixing AD replication problems would be great!
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