How can i make a picture that i have to be thumbnail with low resolution.(A newbie question)

How can i make a picture that i have to be  thumbnail with low resolution.Would u tell me in details how to do that and also ho to resize that picture?
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Hi Melfeky,

In Photoshop, open your Image. Go to Image > Image Size. Enter the new size you want in pixels. If you keep "Constrain Proportions" checked the image will resize proportionally. Unchecking this box will make the image distort to adjust to the new dimensions.

Good Vibes!

You can do it with Microsofts included program Paint!

Free more versital option!

Go to your Accessories folder in the:
       Program Files...

Click the Menu Item:
              Open...   Find your photo/image
Open it and then Choose the Menu Item:

Then Set the Horizontal and Vertical to a Percentage
that you want to reduce your image.

Save the image in the same directory but
rename it by adding a destintive suffix to it:

Ex: YourPhoto.jpg
      YourPhotoSm.jpg <--- Thumbnail

Thumbnail: is an smaller sized duplication of an identical larger image
                 used on a webpage to reduce the page load size, and show
                 an example of that image with an option to view the larger one.

Hope this helps!

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MelfekyAuthor Commented:
How can i use it in html to view the larger one?
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<a href="path/to/your/large/photo.jpg"><img src="path/to/your/thumbnail.jpg"></a>

try to post your questions separately (instead of a second question after your first one has been answered), and in the appropriate topic (instead of an html question in the graphics area).

What HTML editor or software are you using?

MelfekyAuthor Commented:
i am using dreamweaver.
Try this extension:

It makes it really simple and it's easy to use!

Good Luck hope this helps!

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