Why when using divs you cannot select individual text.

I noticed since i moved to divs instead of using tables for layout of my pages, that text is no longer selectable, sometimes you can select a paragraph, but most of the time if i drag and highlight I get half the page or some wiered selection of parts.

Why is this?


What am I doing wrong,


How can design my pages better to allow for text to be selectable down the character.

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It's the nature of the beast. They are different elements with different characteristics; why you expect them to behave the same way?  

redcableAuthor Commented:
uh I dont expect them to work the same way. just a little insight on if im doing things correct, or there is a better way to do them to be a better designer. hense...

why is this,

what am i doing wrong

and how can i design my pages better to allow for text to be selectable down to the character.

If you show a sample of the code I'll be happy to look at it and see if there is anything wrong with it.

The general idea is that text is selectable in the order it appears in the HTML file, rather than how it appears on screen.

If you have a div in the bottom right of the screen, followed by a div in the top left, drag-selecting from the middle of each div will select the last bit of the bottom right and the first bit of the top left (I hope that made sense)

IE has a bug which rears its head occasionally, whereby you can't select a block of text in the middle of a page. Instead, selecting anything will select everything from the start of the page to the cursor position, however I don't know under what circumstances this appears.


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