Changing old windows nt domains to a new windows 2003 domain

I am building a new Windows 2003 Server for a client who is currently running Windows Nt Server. I will be transferring the data from the old NT Server to the new 2003 Server and taking the old server offline. My Question is can I use the same usernames and passwords from the old domain and put them in the new domain. The domain name has changed for the new 2003 server. There are 15 workstations running Windows 2000 Pro. Will the users be able to log in to the new server or do I have to create all new usernames? or is there a way to transfer the accounts from the Winnt machine to the Windows 2003 Server running active directory?
Thank you; Steven
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Have a look at the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) - you can't transfer original passwords if I remember correctly, but you can transfer SID histories and account names, easing the migration to the new domain.  Alternatively, setup the new server as an NT 4 BDC.  Once done, promote it to PDC (making the old PDC the BDC).  Now upgrade the new server to Server 2003.  This will upgrade the domain to Active Directory and migrate all the user accounts, security info, computer accounts, AND it will allow you to step back if things fail by bringing the old machine back up and repromoting it to PDC.

Have a look at:

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sgcrassAuthor Commented:
I have already built and installed the os and active directory so is possible to just use the (ADMT) tool to transfer usernames accounts?
can i do this while users are logged into the old server or I should wait until i can turn off all the work stations?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yes, you can use ADMT to transfer usernames (review the links I provided).  I would definitely do this when the users are logged off, but it MIGHT be ok with them logged on.
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