DVD drive plays audio and data CD's but not DVD's.

OK video fans, heres the problem.

I recently installed a new motherboard and have not been able to get my DVD player to work since. It will play audio and data CD's fine but will not play a DVD. Everytime I try to play a DVD I get the message "The program Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and must close." I get same message in ASUS DVD player software. I originally thought this was a video card or video decoder problem. DVD's are region 1 commercially recorded DVD's purchased at local retailers.

System stats are: MB Biostar U8668D with VIA P4M266A/VT8235, Windows XP Pro sp2, 2.4G P4 Prescott, 1G 266 DDR memory, ASUS E616 DVD drive, ASUS DVD software, nVidia geForce2 MX400 video.

Things I have tried so far:
1. Reinstall old mother board with 1.6G P4 but otherwise using all the same hardware and software.  DVD plays great.
2. Tried different media players. Intervidio WINDVD 6, ASUS DVD, Windows Media Player, Interactual DVD. Failure symptoms seem to vary but none of them worked.
3. Different Revs of nVidia video card drivers. Again failure symptoms vary but none work.
4. Clean install of XP with nothing else installed on system but video, and dvd software.
5. Clean install of XP sp1.
6. Clean install of XP sp2.
7. Install latest MB and other drivers from Microsoft. No newer drivers were available for DVD driver.
8. Ran Windows compatible video decoder checker. It says I'm good to go.
9. Did all of this again with on board S3 Video SavagePro 3D video.
10. Change cables.
11. Change ATA assignments.

Failure symptoms are a little inconsistent. For example; ASUS DVD just crashes. Windows Media Player and WIN DVD show the FBI "were gonna bust you" splash screen before crashing. Depending on the combination of video driver and media player I have even got it to play the menu page of the movie but as soon as I select Play it crashes. I have also gotten it to play the DVD audio once. I have not been able to repeat these results consistently.
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Check DMA setting in device manager. Make sure AGP mainboard drivers are installed properly. You can use Verifier.exe included in Windows XP to verify drivers and check current settings. You can download codec packs here:
http://filesharingplace.com/codecs.php. Reinstall latest DirectX. Now check hardware accelaration using dxdiag for display and sound.

OK. What is the error you are getting?? Please give more detail.
Do you have software monitoring tools for temperature? Prescott processor need a larger fan than older PIV processors, and since your configuration shows that the decoding of the movie is done in the processor.

Or maybe you don't have a Prescott processor, since the motherboard does'n't support it, it support opnly 400 and 533 MHz FSB processors and Prescott is at 800 MHz. If you are sure it's a Prescott, you can destroy it using it on that motherboard.
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geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

Go easy on me now, I am new at this. Hope you don't mind some questioning feedback.

>> Check DMA setting in device manager. <<

Check DMA setting of what in device manager? Do you mean the DMA settings in the IDE ATA/
ATAPI Controllers. If so the DMA setting for the DVD drive is UDMA5 which is correct for this device.

>> Make sure AGP mainboard drivers are installed properly. You can use Verifier.exe included in Windows XP to verify drivers and check current settings. <<

I do not know how to do this. I downloaded the "how to" from microsoft but it is all Klingon to me. Pool tracking, global counters, Leakage detection, Memory pressure? I tried it once and ended up blue screen. Yikes!

>> You can download codec packs here:http://filesharingplace.com/codecs.php <<

Did this. Seems like a lot of garbage I don't need but did it anyway. I am not trying to play all these strange formats, just store bought mpeg2 (I think) DVD's. Media player now does not crash. It says "Playing menu" at bottom of screen but otherwise does nothing. Still no video or audio. Also ran Windows Compatible Decoder check again and it now lists 3 compatible decoders instead of just 1. However, all are shown as not compatible to WMP synchronization feature if that makes a difference.

>> Reinstall latest DirectX <<

Isn't this already installed with windows and service pack 2 or media player? I have done several clean installs of windows, wouldn't this accomplish the same thing? In any case I ran dxdiag and everything checks out 100%.

>> OK. What is the error you are getting?? Please give more detail. <<

Windows media player error is:
"Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"
geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

Mother board is u8668d version 7.5 and is listed as "Prescott Ready". I even sent the board back to the supplier and they verified that it is the correct board. It is currently running at a cool 44 degrees. Spec is 69 degrees. Only Prescott that supports HT is 800 FSB. Non HT versions are 400 and 533 FSB. You may go to this link to learn more about what is available. http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/processors/pentium4/
geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

I am confused, isn't ASPI driver for SCSI peripherial devices? I have internal DVD on ATA secondary/slave. Are you sure I need ASPI driver?
geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

I took a look at the "totallydrivers" link you mentioned but it is not the same problem. They all have DVD drives that suddenly stopped reading DVD's only. I have had this problem on other machines. What they have are bad drives that must be replaced. This is not the case in my regard.

My problem is totally different. My DVD player works fine on one mother board but not on another when using all the same software and and all the same hareware except for the mother board. Clearly this is not a faulty DVD drive. I believe this is a hardware compatibility issue with the new mother board that can be solved. I just don't know how to do it. But thank you for your suggestions.
To set the drive region, u need to go to drive property and set it. i.e. via device manager.
It only allowed u to set region twice, however,ASUS has allowed us to reset the number of setting back to 5.
To reset the back to 5 again, do as follows. shut down computer, hold on both play and eject button on dvd drive, reboot the computer, and wait until computer detects the dvd drive, then release the button.

BIOS DMA setting should be set to autodetect.
You might also want to check sound card channel settings. Is it set to 2, 4  or 6 channel.
Ok, the motherboard I know was an older version. I stiil think is a hardware problem, maybe processor/memory incompatibility. Have you tried a BIOS reset?
geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

These things have already been checked (please see earlier post regarding DMA setting). Since I am in the USA the region is set correctly to region 1. Sound card settings are correct. As I stated in my original post audio and data work fine.


I have not flashed the bios, however when I sent the MB back to the vendor they did a bios dump and it checked out good. It could be a bug in their bios programming but this I could do nothing about since ther is no newer bios available. It is unlikely that it is the memory. I do 3D CAD/CAM model work with full renderings. The system has proven to be extremely stable in every aspect. If there were a memory problem this kind of use would reveal it. Games and openGL aps run fine also.
Please enter this website and download v2.2 firmware to update then please test it again:
If the device still has the problem, can you try to use another power supply that provide bigger power?Then please test it again.
Let's do another test. Copy video_ts content on the harddisk and try to play the vob files. Download media player classic from www.free-codecs.com, it can play dvd from hdd. I think you can open directly the ifo file. If the movie is playing, the problem is on the dvd drive.

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geekintrainingAuthor Commented:

Already have ASUS firmware 2.2. Also have a new 400w P4 3.6Ghz rated power supply so this should not be a problem. Hardware monitor shows power to be correct and stable. Of course this does not show possible transient conditions.


I downloaded Media Player Classic from SourceForge.net on Saturday. It works good and without any other codecs other than its own resident codec. I find it very interesting that a slightly enhanced version of Windows Media Player 6 (from early Windows 98) works perfectly well on all this new equipment but none of the new players I have tried do. Of course I have not tried all of them because it becomes an issue of having to buy them all to try them, an idea I'm not to keen on. So far you are the main contender for the gold. Even though I already downloaded this player you were the first to suggest it. However in all fairness I feel I must leave this question open a couple more days to see if anyone can solve why I can't run with Media Player 10 which was the original issue. There doesn't seem to be much interest.
See my comment at the top of this page. If you downloaded and installed this FREE codec pack, you should have Media Player Classic installed already.
I would say that you are missing a DVD decoder. I have found PowerDVD to be the best and most compatible software.
You can try, from the same site, ffdshow, it's a free decoder for diverse movie formats, including mpeg2 (video dvd codec).
Sounds to me like you need the codec for Windows Media Player,
Normally this solves similar issues, try this link: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/format/codecdownload.aspx
Hope it helps,
geekintrainingAuthor Commented:
you are corect about media player 6 in the klite codec pac. I checked and it is included but was not installed probably because it was not checked in the install selections. My fault, however I must say that you never mentioned a player, only codecs. The media player is a poor solution, because it thrashes the hdd, but it seems to be the only one I have.

I tried your suggestion and it did not work either.

Everyone continues to say I need a codec. If you read my original post you will see that I have tried several (including WINDVD which is microsoft recommended) and they have not done the trick. Besides, everything works fine with a different mother board which excludes Codecs, dvd player and the like as the problem. If I didn't have a compatible codec the dvd's wouldn't play on any motherboard. I believe this is a motherboard specific problem, such as a driver, but there seems to be no solution that I can find. When I can afford it I will buy a new motherboard running an all intel chipset instead of VIA and the problem will probably vanish.

Thank you all for your suggestions.
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