Problems with browsing the network neighberhood and GW.

Dear Friends,

If am dealing with several problem, but they may seem all coming at once.
After some years of perfect work we decided to replace the DC running under win2000 standard server. Therefore we builded a new server and via the DCpromo way it was setted up as a ADC and with the appropriate tools we promoted it to the DC and the existing DC was turned into a member server again. The setted IP (on the new DC).
After a period of two days testing everything runned fine, it was very speedy so we were happy. Then the moment came to set in the exchange server (2000) (new for the company). It had some problems installing because the DNS seems not right. After reading many documents we fixed that problem (deleting a root zone, replacing it with a primary dns zone) the installation was successful and also Symantec antivirus enterprise was installed. Everything seems fine.
But somewhere in the implementation we lost the possibility of browsing in the network neighbourhood. We do see, after a small period of time the ‘workgroup’ name but clicking on it results in a: (translated from dutch, I hope it matches) “the serverlist for this workgroup is momentarily not available”. In trying to solve this problem I studied a lot on articles in the experts exchange but there seemed no solution avalable.

Also in this installation we were dealing with the DNS. We would like an opening on the server to the outside world (updates for virus & smtp for exchange). Normally one NIC would be okay but in our company we are dealing with another office connected to a leased line wich is on So the gateways on the servers are all set  to this port.
Our internet line is on 1.1 so we tried with a additional NIC (on 1.63) to setup the DNS to route outside and it worked (in that stage we found out we could not browse the network but we do not know when we lost it). Then at suddenly after two days fine working, print services were not available anymore.
So we took the second NIC out, deleted the DNS settings and returned to the receipt with one NIC. All services (except the neighbourhood browsing work fine again)

Does anyone knows why the network neighbourhood browsing has gone and how to rebuild that. My feelings go to DNS settings but it’s a little black for me at this time.
Has anyone experience with two gateways or how to setup this working fine?

I hope someone can help out, thanks already

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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Ok this could relate to havinf to many master browsers on ur network.. Use Windows 2000 support tools from ur cd .. install them i better you already have..  You will have Browstat utility in there somewhere...
In command prompt type.. Browstat status    This is will give you the status of the master browser on ur network.. looks as though you are having a broadcast storm on ur network...  I had the same problem...
Also I would go ahead and setup WINS on ur network, this will eliminate the need for Master Browser..
Good Luck!!

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ajpoolAuthor Commented:
It seems to be a problem indeed. The masterbrowser is hooked to a WS.
Tried to set up the wins with the lmhosts file. All things in the file are accepted exept the DC??


ajpoolAuthor Commented:
Okay, we found that part.

A PC from a third party, over wich we have no control - had taken the masterbrowser. Cutting it out of the network (yes scissors are nice to use sometimes :-) ) gave us full control back, included the masterbrowser.

Thanks a lot

Gave the 500 away..... but has anyone still a solution for my two GW problem??
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Ok I would post a new question for your other problems..
Glad you resolved the other tho!!!
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