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We are running Windows 2000 Sever SP4 with Exchange 2000.
Sybari Antigen is the application we use to filter our mail.

This is the problem we are experiencing. Quotes in the form of HTML documents are picked from a database and sent to a specified email addresses using "mail daemon". What we have is that some clients do recieve the HTML Attachments and some do not.

We have taken the following steps to try help out our situation. In "Active Directory User and Computers" we changed the delivery restrictions of the particular mailbox that the quotes are sent from to 8000 KB and in that mailbox we configured Outlook to send mail in the format of "Microsoft Outlook Rich Text".

We Tested it and mail with the attachments went through to known users that where not recieving the attachments.
We then went on to sent the delivery restriction to a maximum of 2087151 KB. After testing it user found that no attachments went through.

Is it possible that this could be the answer to our problem?

Users complain that they connect up, downlaod their mail and the size of the mail they download indicates that an attachment is there but when they go into the mail there is no attachment.

If anyone can assist us on this matter it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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at a guess I'd say this is a Outlook Attachment blocking.  The number and type of attachments blocked has increased over the last couple of years with a succession of email exploits posing dangers to end users.

what version of outlook do the users with the problem attachments use?
btw - this refers to allowing through exe files, but the same theory applies for html attachments that are sent successfully  but blocked at the user end by outlook.
mustekkznAuthor Commented:
I have established that the users are using either Outlook Express 6 or Outlook XP/2000. Sometimes the attachments go through sometimes they do not. Like alimu said about outlook blocking exe files, that was my first thought that sprung to mind, but they have recieved attachments before therefore not making that theory relevant or am I wrong in saying that?

depends on the type... usually your standard document types will be fine, as wil zip files, other stuff that has the potential for dangerous content will probably be blocked.

If the size of the email on the client looks correct then it's highly likely that it's outlook doing the blocking.  Outlook's basically saying "your whole email's been delivered, you just can't see it".  Updates to both IE and outlook over the last couple of years have included increasingly long lists of content types to block.
I'd suggest giving the fix on slipstick a go (ie. allowing a filetype via the registry).  If it proves to fix the problem then look at something like the office resource kit for office group policy templates you can distribute across an organisation.

Alternative: use a script to zip the file before sending.  The altered filetype should get through.

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