dreamweave/PHP tutorials

can any body tell me where can i find the best site to find tutorials for using dreamweaver to build PHP site
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FLAASHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks man :)
i need more
any other sites?
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

FLAASHERAuthor Commented:
more :)
any other sites??
i can use php/mysql/dreamweaver
but i need a site make me professional
once u got the basics, you can work on it to be professional
Get these reference manual, it is very handy... CHM files

www.php.net/distributions/manual/php_manual_en.chm (PHP manual)
www.gajdaw.pl/lib/www/mysql/mysql-manual.chm (MySQL manual)
anton.concord.ru/ftp/mysql/php-mysql-manual.chm (PHP and MySQL manual)

Sorry the link was incorrectly posted...

here's it again

http://www.php.net/distributions/manual/php_manual_en.chm (PHP manual)
http://www.gajdaw.pl/lib/www/mysql/mysql-manual.chm (MySQL manual)
http://anton.concord.ru/ftp/mysql/php-mysql-manual.chm (PHP and MySQL manual)
FLAASHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks all
Waiting 4 more links
Try get hold of a book?
I personally don't like to use Macromedia to generate stuffs for me.
I got an excellent link for you from ZEND, PHP tutorial....


There is 20+ tutorials there....
It basically covers almost everything that is commonly done in PHP, like md5 encryption algorithm, GD image manipulation (such as creating thumbnails), XML RSS feed, PHP caching, ZIP files, Shopping carts, Emails, sessions, PDF, breadcrumb navigation, authentication and much more.....
those are good to help you get a start
and this books seems to be just what you are looking for
Also I have found that the best book to learn php is Larry Ullmans visual quickpro guide it also teaches you some mysql stuff too. He also teaches a class at Cal Berkeley Extension Online which is really helpful becuase you can get one on one help learning php from a pro.
that is the link to the book. Anyways I hope the links I have given you are the ones that ultimately are used for you to learn php with. Oh and the link to Cal Berkeley Online extension course that Larry Ullman teaches. http://explore.berkeley.edu/UCExt/courseview.asp?secid=426&value=2.4.&action=Internet
FLAASHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks all 4 ur answers
i will split the points
thanks again :)
FLAASHERAuthor Commented:
Hongjun was the first one :)
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