Could anyone give me a rough estimate of how much bandwidth 5 simultaneous voice calls would take, on cisco IP phones.

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Hi adam_pedley,

This would depend on the codecs being used.

If the phones are using G711 (uncompressed, 64 Kbps) - this would be 400Kbps
If they're using G729a they would need 120Kbps

Take a look at for information on the various codecs.  There are some very useful calculators at is also a very useful starting point.

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In regards to the bandwidth, it is depenedant not only on the codec used, but also features that may be used on your network such as VLAN, Qos, VPN information.This addtional information is known as overhead.

Below is a link to a information specific to Cisco IP Phones, this would be a better palce to start since you are using Cisco phones.

If you like to see more detailed information on this issue that is not Cisco centric, this link provides a little more detail and graphics:

Are you just doing some research or looking to deploy VoIP wihtin in your network? If you need addtional help on design or implementation issues, let us know.

Kindest regards
Glad I could help :-)
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