Access a control on a different Form


I have an application that has a Database control on one form.
When a connection is attempted, this is done by loading a new form and accessing the Database connection control on the Main form.
What is the simplest way to achieve this?
I have tried several ways, and even with the control marked as public, I get 'Undeclared Identifier'.
There is obviously something missing, but I can't see it!!!

Alternatively, is it possible/sensible to have an object Global to the application - if so, where should it reside?

Any help would be appreciated...

James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAsked:
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Well - I'll try to make the thnigs as simple as possible.
Let's say you have two forms - MainFrm and ChildFrm and you're trying to access a DataSet on MainFrm from ChildFrm:
In your ChildFrm add as public member
 System::Data::DataSet* pChildDataSet;
In your ChildFrm constructor add
 pChildDataSet = NULL;
In your MainFrm when showing ChildFrm the code should look like:
 ChildFrm* newFrm = new ChildFrm();
 newFrm->pChildDataSet = this->MainDataSet;

And when trying to access pChildDataSet - check if it's not NULL.

There's also alternate - and more elegant approach - to have Get/Set methods in your child form and keep it's DataSet private.


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suppose you have form1.h file & form2.h file and you want to use any control of form2.h in form1.h.
I encountered with this problem several times in my projects.

solution :
1) define any control you want as static member.
static Button *btn1 = 0; // static member should be initialized.
2) in form1.h just before the statement #include <form1.h>
    add #include <form2.h>
now, in form1.h use any static member:
    Form1::btn1 -> Text = S"Test";

my last sample was
Form1::btn1 -> Text = S"Test";
this is incorrect.    Correct is :
Form2::btn1 -> Text = S"Test";
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James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay...

Both these methods appear to work correctly - are there thoughts on which one should normally be used?
I personally prefer not to use static members - but both are correct and working fine. So it's up to you to decide which to use - I doesn't matter.

James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Fair comment...

Thanks to you both for your input...

You're welcome :)
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