Is there some site around who could send me RedHat linux on CDs

Is there some site around who could send me RedHat linux on CDs and give me the option to pay through credit card?
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Normally your local book store will have some Linux book with a distro of RedHat on it.  Redhat is now known as Fedora though if you didn't know.

I don't know if may do it.  Though depending where you are in the worl check out for a local store that sells Linux and books.  Like here in Sydney (Australia) if I wanted something like that I would go to they sell Linux distro's for about $10 AUD.  So I would suggest something like that.  Or purchase a book and get a Linux distro with the book.

They are the 2 cheap ways of getting Linux.  Else you could buy a boxed version of Linux.
You can order Redhat CD's from the Redhat website.

What version of Redhat are you after?

I hope you're not saying that you want someone to illegally sell you copies of Redhat Enterprise.
Hi Tintin,

I think he just wants to order it legitimately. I don't know many people who purchase pirated software ...

Red Hat used to have a downloadable distro called "Red Hat Linux", which you could buy, with support and paper manuals etc. from Red Hat or a retailer, or just buy the CDs really cheap from Cheapbytes or whomever.

This has now changed: they've split the distro into two families: "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and "Fedora".  You now either buy RHEL (or Red Hat Desktop) from Red Hat online by subscription, or you can buy a boxed RHEL or RH Desktop from a retailer.

Loads of places to buy it online:

Or you can buy CDs of "Fedora Linux", which is their new community distro, from many places:,,,, eBay, etc.  Or you can download it for free of course.

If you don't mind getting a slightly oldish version, you can also still buy what was called "Red Hat Linux" in version 8 or 9 from the usual suspects etc.

So when you say "Red Hat Linux", which distro are you looking for?  Red Hat (no longer maintained), Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Desktop, or Fedora?

I prefer Fedora myself.  It's like an updated version of Red Hat 9.  You no longer get Red Hat Network for updates, but instead there is a nice set of apt-based tools for update, which is better for what I do.
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