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I manage a Telemagic data that has approx 4000 records on, we store a graphic to each record aswell.

The problem we get is that every 2-3 Months we get a memory error when the DB reaches about 2GB in size.  

Does anybody know if this is a known issue with Telemagic (We are using V5 SP4) and how to solve this, we have tried to delete the image records from older files to free up space but as its DOS based it keeps the file the same size till we compress it.

Anyone else come accross this problem, its just if I can prove the DB has reached its limits I can push them for a new system.

Cheers Croaks
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The underlying technology is DOS which can address up to a maximum of a 2Gb disk.  Further info: Telemagic uses dbf files which are to the dbase III format (not dbase IV), Clipper indexing is used.  A magic rebuild (as you've indicated), will free up the "holes" left within the data when records are deleted.

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ScroobyAuthor Commented:
yea thought as much, thanks for the reply.

Time to buy a new system I think!
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