FTP incomplete transfer, no error message

Hello all,

I have a process running here where we transfer a CVS file from a handheld computer to a desktop PC via FTP.  The process has run fine in the past but for some reason it has been getting about half of the CVS file sometimes and just stopping.  Anyone have any ideas why it might do this?  Thank You

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Is the handheld wireless, or can you wire it, either to the pc or the network?  Is the csv file readable with half the data, or it stops halfway through the upload?  My first knee jerk is that you're losing your connection to the server/network/resource you're trying to pass the file to, or there is a time out for lack of activity due to speed.  

Eliminate the network question by attaching the handheld to a pc via usb, or to a network physically if you have that capability, upload the file, if it doesn't go, there's something else going on.  If it does, it's a wireless connection issue potentially.

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NavicertsAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the fast response.  Unfortunately, the handheld is not a wireless connection so that cannot be the error.  Well, I guess it could be the error but not as likely when it is hard wired to the LAN.  The way that it connects is a docking station and unfortunately i have not been able to replicate the error consistently yet, (working on that).  

When I open the CSV file and look at it i can see all of the records I am trying to move but i know that not all of them are making it (about half are).  It does not stop half way though the upload the process is a custom RPG program written on our AS/400 and it does not give an error message if not all the records make it unfortunately.  In addition it does not seem to lag or bog down, it all happens very fast but it doesn’t move all the data.

would you try to set the data transfer to binary????
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NavicertsAuthor Commented:
Trying to find the RPG program source code so i can see if it is set to binary or ascii and other information i am lacking here ill post it when i find it.
NavicertsAuthor Commented:
I found the source code for the 5 RPG programs that handle the simple data tarnsfer (how annoying) :)

It appears that it is transferred in ASCII form but considering i have little to no experience in RPG programming i don't know if i want to try to set it to binary mode, i would have to recompile the program and possibly mess something up :(

I don't think however this is the problem because this error has never come up before in a few years of using this method until about a month ago.

I can't think of too much that has changed in the past month but here are afew things that might effect it somehow.

1) I changed the programs that create the CSV file (i don't think that this is the problem because the CSV file appears to be fine and it all takes place before any FTP'ing is involved.  In addidtion we can look at and open the FTP files befopre they are FTP'ed and the records are all there but they are not all making it for some reason.  Also, if it does not work then we can try to FTP the identical CSV file again and it might work)

2) A new switch was installed on the network.  I don't know much about this i am the programmer not the systems administrator.

Thank You

NavicertsAuthor Commented:
Ok here is what i have done...

I have replicated a test area in which i can upload the same CSV file that failed as many times as i want.  Unfortunatly i have not been able to replicate the error again yet.  Every time i upload the CSV file via the RPG program that uses FTP it goes just fine.  

Anyone have any ideas on things i can try that might make it fail?  

NavicertsAuthor Commented:
It has been awhile i don't think there is going to be anymore action on this post so ill split the points between you guys for your help.  Thank You

PS: I was not able to find any culprit yet :(
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