Sony DW-R56A 8x DVD+RW won't burn at 8x

doesn't burn DVD+R's at 8x but only at 6x. When I burn DVD+RW's it works at 4x.

Have tried many formats (Sony, and others) with different specs (from 6x to 12x) but they all burn at 6x.

Thought it could have been the SW, but installed 2 different sw's and the issues persists,
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Albert van der MerweIT TechnicianCommented:
It can be that the harddisk can't keep up, cpu might be to slow to keep up, not enough memory. You can maybe try to update the firmware, sometimes help.


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try a different media...
your drive may have problem recognising wiritng speed of a particular brand

on my system, in case of CD-Rs, my 52x samsung drive cannot write at 52x on a moser-beer 52x capable CD
but the same drive can write at 52x on another brand
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