HP Procurve 4000M - Port Sniffing


I want to monitor my network activity, mostly chats and http browsing, as well as dns requests.

I did put a syslog on my firewall so now I can monitor my dns requests (I have a netscreen 10 firewall .. . .. i know it sucks but i am new here so I have to do with it)

Now I want to do port sniffing but my HP Procurve 4000M switches does not allow me to.

As I said I am new here so I do no thave the passwords to access the switches and no one has them since no one touched them since installation, which was way back.

How do I enable port sniffing on my network without jeopardizing my stability and integrity.

Thanks !
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If you lost the managers password you have to physically press the Clear button for at least
one second. This will clear the users and managers password.
are you talking about wanting to packet sniff and see the traffic?  if so... clear the password as panjandrum stated and get into the switch using the web interface... click on configuration->Monitor Port... select monitor selected ports.... for monitoring port... select the port you can plug a dedicated workstation into for packet sniffing purposes... select the ports you want to monitor... this will mirror all traffic from the monitored ports to the monitoring port...

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matanguayAuthor Commented:
Will I lose data or will it shutdown the network for a few seconds to clear the passwords ?

Also, I have two of them, so do I need to do a clear on both ?

How do I connect through web interface .. .. I do not have the Switch's IP.

You would need to clear the passwords on both of the Procurves... to access the web interface you would need to use a console cable to connect to the switch through a serial port on a laptop using a terminal program... from there you can find the ip settings on the switch and change them if necessary.. here's the link to the manual for it...


oh.. and you wouldn't lose any connectivity while clearing the password...
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