How to grab text from a webpage?

Hi Wizzzardzzz!!

I want to grab some text from a webpage either loaded in TWebbrowser or  IE (I'm not aware of the advantages disadvantages). I should be able to select certain portions of text copy them and paste them into another webpage which is loaded in either TWebbrowser or IE.

Working sample equals all the points!

Tnx in advance guys youre more than worth the subscription!!!

Regards from Holland,

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PeterdeBAuthor Commented:
Oh I forgot to mention something > when the text is grabbed off the webpage I'd preferrably drop it into a TMemo or something. ok?

I answered a very similar question. It is complete with a working example. Basically you select some text (from a webpage or whereever) and press a hotkey (Insert for example). This text is then copied and pasted into a TMemo or whatever you want. In the example the text is copied back but if you don't want this feature just remove that portion of the code:

Best Regards,


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If you need help with it post here

Many Thanks,

PeterdeBAuthor Commented:
Hi Hypoviax! Sorry for leaving no comment > I ran into some troubles getting online so I decided to do only what's necessary and therefore just accepted the answer without leaving a note.

I could use some help from you again, you know your way around with the stuff I'm trying to do at this moment but I'll post another question for it and reward it generously! Currently I'm working on several projects which all have somethiing to do with automatically logging into some website or automatically posting stuff there. But I'll post a question!

Regards and max respect to this forum and it's expertzz!!

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