Proximity Printing

Does anybody know of any reliable proximity printing solutions?

I work for a K-12 school district and the boss wants to be able to have wireless student laptops print to the nearest printer.  The catch is he does not want more than one printer installed on the machine to prevent students from spamming printers in other rooms.  Bluetooth printing is the solution he is pursuing...this makes me nervous since between 20-30 laptops/users would be using the device in a classroom setting.  

I have contacted HP and Lexmark and neither have had a definitive solution.  Lexmark mentioned third party apps but could not give me any references.
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I found this link that looks like it might be what your looking for:
Nyah247Author Commented:
Not quite...  I have run across this site in my travels.  I was hoping that somebody would have a solution which they may have some experience with...or heard good things about.  
Not an expert in this area by any means, but subscribed to the thread out of interest.  I do have a comment, however:
Don't most WAPs these days allow for setting the broadcast signal strength?  If so, and each room's WAP is set up in the center of the room, wouldn't one be able to set the strength to be limited to the room size?  Then, set up the room's printer to only be on that WAPs subnet?  I know this suggestion is reaching, and would require quite a bit of "tweaking" per room, but doesn't that sound a little bit reasonable?
Again, this is coming straight off the top of my thick head. ;)

Just talk to the Ricoh dealer (or Lanier in USA), in your area and ask for Equitrac Office with follow me option.
They will help you and the have a good experience implementing that system for some years.
you just have one printer for all, and then just come to the printer you chose, log in and release your jobs.

I hope it helps you.

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Nyah247Author Commented:
We already have Equitrac on all of our printers...  According to our rep we are one of the largest deployments in the US.  Equitrac is an absolute disaster and support has been very poor.  Print jobs hang, disappear, and the tracking coordinator does not run properly in our 2003 server environment.  

I have also contacted HP and Lexmark...  I have several high level techs scratching their heads.  All said it is possible but not through traditional and proven means.  Both also said that BlueTooth was not the solution.  However it looks like that is what we are going to do.  BlueTooth printing for a lab environment with 30+ users.  Garrr...  

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