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Outlook & Outlook Express Won't Connect To POP Server


I have posted this here because I am suspecting foul play.

This problem started three days ago.

When I started outlook, it would attempt to connect but then fails after a certain period. The errors I would get are:
- Could not connect to mail server or
- Connection interrupted

When I closed it, it would remain on the taskbar and the won't bulge until I end the process.  The CPU would be sitting at 100% the whole time.

I have run detect and repair and now it can be closed, but still fails when connecting to the internet.  The same happens on Outlook Express.

What I have noticed it that the process CCSETMGR.EXE takes up whatever CPU is available when I start the e-mail clients and dies down immediately on failure.  CCSETMGR is supposed to be a Norton Internet Security file.  When I stop the CCSETMGR process, the client does not even attempt to connect, it just fails with:
- Could not connect...

I have tested the ports 25 and 110 and they are both open.

I have, in addition, used a notebook to connect to the same e-mail servers (2) using the same connection and it works fine.

I have scanned for spyware and found nothing.

Please help me, I am having sleepless nights trying to figure this out!

Additional Information
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 - Firewall Disabled
Norton Internet Security 2004 - Firewall Enabled (Does not work even when disabled)
Trend Micro Internet Security 11.4 - Antivirus Enabled, Firewall Disabled
Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3
Aluria Spyware Eliminator

2 Solutions
seems problem with your firewall softwares.....i guess they might be denying your program to establish tcp connection with your server

Do you have internet connectivity?  Can you ping these external mail servers?  Maybe your outlook configuration has changed?  Check your default mail profile.  Is it pointing to the right smtp and pop3 servers?  
khalamuntuAuthor Commented:
Yes I have internet access, I am using it right now.  I have checked outlook and everything is in order.  I can ping the servers and get a good reply.

This is what I have discovered right now as well.  Internet Explorer does not connect as well.  I actually use Opera so I never picked that up.


just another test. Try another mail client, like Mozilla thunderbird. Does it work there? Have you tried an Office repair, and the try outlook again?
khalamuntuAuthor Commented:
Everything was slowly failing.  Even system restore failed!

Solution: Hard drive formatted.

Thanks to those who tried to help...

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