Compiler Error 2662 - problems using 'const'


I have a simple class declared:

class CBall {
      UINT      radius;
      int      dx, dy;
      BallColour      colour;
      CPoint      position;      
      CBall(const UINT radius, const CPoint position, const BallColour colour);

      // Adjust position/dx/dy accordingly
      void Update();
      void CollideX();
      void CollideY();

      CPoint GetCentre() {return position;}

      const int operator == (const CBall ball);
      const int operator != (const CBall ball);

      const BallColour GetColour() const {return colour;}
      const int GetRadius() const {return radius;}

Compilation generates the following error:

error C2662: 'GetCentre' : cannot convert 'this' pointer from 'const class CBall' to 'class CBall &'
        Conversion loses qualifiers

If I declare GetCentre as a 'const' function there is no error - but why do I need to do this.. why is the 'this' pointer constant?

Many Thanks,

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Hi Attack_Trax,
CPoint probably is a structure instead of a primitive data type. You should use

const CPoint& GetCentre() {return position;}
const CPoint& GetCentre() {return position;}




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You are constructing  with const variables:

Try this

CBall(UINT radius, CPoint position, BallColour colour);
Attack_TraxAuthor Commented:
Hi Stefan.

Thanks for your reply - however changing the return type of GetCentre() to 'const CPoint&' does not prevent the error.

Why do I need to declare the body  {return position;} as being constant to prevent this error?

Thanks again,

Attack_TraxAuthor Commented:
Sorry to waste your time - I have figured it now! The method was being called from a constant CBall instance.. and thus would only allow constant methods to be invoked. Obvious once I worked out where the problem was...

Now it all makes sense :-)

I will split the points for you both - thanks for replying.

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