reading in from a properties file

what is wrong with this code, it works fine when i put in the following "." as in the current directory

 inLine = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("properties.ini"));
                     String location = inLine.readLine();
                     String fileName = processDir(new File(location));
                     System.out.println( "reading from " + location);

where properties.ini contains:


it fails on the line String fileName = processDir(new File(location));

giving an array index out of bounds exceptions. but it works fine if i manually put in "." in

  String fileName = processDir(new File(".")); or if i put in the properties.ini file:
 This program has to run on both windows and unix, so solution will have to be platform indepedent.

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what is processDir(new File(location)); doing??
what error are you getting??
can you post your full code then we can have a look and tell u if anything needs to be changed???

also you can check out these examples

>>giving an array index out of bounds exception

Please post that
its a problem with your processDir file, why not use a properties file to read in teh directory.

Are you sure that whatever the element u are using in the processDir is calling the current files
.getName() method???  if you are using

filename.getName();  it will just get the current name of the file in the current directory
however if you are using
filename.toString(); it will return the whole path of the file, just something to think about as "."  is the current directory,

hope that helps

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imramaAuthor Commented:
ya i used getName() instead and it worked thank you
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