desktop.eml all over my server

I have desktop.eml files infesting my two servers.  One of my servers is an Exchange server, and it has been sluggish lately.  I'm getting alot of undeliverable or delayed messages.  I think this desktop.eml is Netsky, but when I scan the file with Etrust InoculateIT 6.0, it says the file is fine.  I had the Exchange server send me a copy of all of the undeliverable, and I had over 14k from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  They looked to be mainly spam.  I have cleaned all of the PC's on the network as well as the servers.  The servers themselves are not being sluggish.  Is there another antivirus solution that someone would recommend?  Thank you.
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fletchmanAuthor Commented:
I have run that in the past, too.  I can try to run it again if you think it will matter
I use Symantec Anti-Virus enterprise edition, multi tier for exchange servers, and it works fine.  As well as the inevitable windows updates, touch wood, no outbreaks.

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Also if you are running IIS you may want to see this if you haven't already.

I wouldn't recommend etrust what-so-ever, nor would I trust symantec to protect my network alone. However, if your going to use symantec you, need more than just that. Let me list a few of the more successful products in protection network environments.

If you want new Antivirus, antispam , and protection for your exchange server:
"Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Suite
Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Suite provides a powerful, multi-layered defense against viruses, spyware, and other malicious code, to protect mail servers, file servers, and desktops. The suite of integrated products can be remotely configured and managed to create the right mix of security and performance for any organization."

That link will provide you with all the features and benefits of the product. ALso gives a 30 evaluation trial.

If you'd like to keep symantec and just addon I recommend:

GFI MailSecurity: TO KEEP worms/viruses/spyware out of your mail servers.

GFiLANguard: This is a wonderful program to perform security audits and receive alerts of attacks and other critical events.

GFi products are a little on the higher budget side, however very effective products. Please advise if you have any questions or comments.

Good Luck,


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Actually the multi tier version of Symantec already has the mail server option for exchange or notes, and is quite effective in protecting a mail server without any add ons.  Mutli tier comes with Symantec Mail security which has a built in spam option as well as the standard AV scanning and cleaning options.

IMO just as effective as Trend, although either product is a good product.

Mail security option that comes with Multi Tier.

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