RAID 10 Question

I have a RAID 10 setup with 4x 80GB SATA disks and a hardware RAID controller.
A few weeks a go we lost a disk and then a few days after that we lost another.  I replaced
the disks and rebuilt the array...everything was fine.

My question is - was I lucky?
Can you afford to lose any 2 two disks in a RAID 10 setup
or does it depend on which combination they go bang?!

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It depends on the combination. If 2 disks die that have the same data on them, you loose the data. You were lucky.

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Raid works link this

you have  2 drive that striped  (made in to one big drive)

you have 2 drive more  striped

Then the too sets are mirrored

You lose 1 drive ok

you can 2 if they are on the same set. (This is not likely because when 1st drive dies set will shut down)

So you could lose 2 drives and still be running, but not likely.

u9707118Author Commented:
Thanks Guys,
All I needed to know!
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