VPN into Windows Small Business Server 2003 with Windows XP client (SP2)

I recently received my new server with Win SBS 2003 installed.    I have the need to connect to this server remotely via VPN.  My configuration is as follows....Broadband internet connection with the modem connected to a router.   I have a dynamic IP address but I'm leveraging facilities from DYNDNS.ORG to resolve it and I can ping my router remotely via its domain name (assigned by dyndns) as well as the raw IP address.    The SBS server is providing DHCP services.   I've attempted to setup a VPN network connection on the XP client machine but can not connect.   The Netgear Router has VPN capabilities but I would rather use the native VPN capabilites of SBS2003 and XP.    I've also setup the VPN stuff (as best I could) on SBS 2003.  

So, How can I configure the SBS and XP clients to connect via VPN?

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I assume you can ping the VPN server.  I am not sure but your VPN server probably has a private IP address inside your network while your router holds your public IP address.  You'll need to create port translations in order to have your router to pass traffic intended for your VPN server to the VPN server.  Create port translations to send UDP 4500 and UDP 500 to the Private IP of your VPN server.  What kind of router is it?  Have you tried your VPN connection while your VPN server is NOT behind the router?  What happens when you try to connect to the VPN connection?  Have you tried to create the connection using IP as well as host name?  Do you have the XP Firewall enabled, if so then you should disable it.  Is the server configured for PPTP or L2?

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