Configuration of Cisco Router 2600

OK experts I'm back simple question to you but hard for me what is the cmd for allowing my generic 8 port switch to be configured with my Cisco 2600?
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No configuration necessary, just connect the router to the switch using a straight through cable.  You should get link without any configuration.  You'll need to assign your Cisco 2600's ethernet interface an IP address to get TCP/IP connectivity on the LAN.

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just connect them with stright cable and see to that both r in same network.
switch just acts as a bridge to trasfer trafic from router to the systems connected to the switch. .... is it the purpose or any...........
Hey ramosen,

I guess the guys have already answered so i won't repeat.

If you're putting up the switch for connecting other devices to the router, then you don't need more than a straight through ethernet cable.

If you still can't get them to "talk", then it looks like a cable or Ethernet port issue. Is there some specific setup you're trying??

Please write back.

ramosenAuthor Commented:
JFederick answered the question, it was a cable issue. My config is comprised of a T1 connection to the Internet a Cisco Router 2600 (basic config) a netgear 8 port switch (just replace it from my generic switch/hub... pheenet) a PIX 501 firewall and three servers. I wanted to take my web and email servers off the pix and let them be connected straight to the Internet and have my business computers behind the pix. So far everthing is working ok. If this configuration is not suitable I am open to suggestions.

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