invisible popup

Can i create a invisible popup window ?

I have a popup created which updates some stuff and closes automatically. I dotn want the user to see it.

Please let me know.


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i dont think you can do that, why not just use a 1pixel by 1pixel i frame

<iframe name="ifraUpdate" style="width:1px;height1px;"></iframe

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Can the update be done using some other method perhaps?

Possibly you could use a javascript to call to a remote url.

Where you now have:;

You could also have:

var i = new Image();
i.src = some_url;

This would load an url in the background, without having to use a popup.


you can do that roonaan? make a remote url call into an image?
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Offcourse you can.

That exactly how you would generate random images run by php wouldn't you?

<img src="random.php?ext=.png" />

You then have random.php select one image from a series of images randomly and pass that one thru.

Wo is going to stop you, when you would use

<img src="update.php" />

This would result in a error image (red cross thingy), but doesn't prevent from update.php to be run, because will be called. The browser just won't recognize its output.

But then again, when using javascript the image will not be visible until you say it should, so therefor you have an ideal "invisible" updating mechanism.

(Except for the fact that some users don't support javascript offcourse ;-) )


i dont know php so htis is all new to me =(
rohanbairat3Author Commented:
Thanks Justin, That worked also i positioned it in such a way that nobody notices.

Sorry roonan justin got it first.

though luck ;-)

Just use position:absolute; top:-100px;left:-100px; then nobody will ever notice.


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