Store.exe running away with CPU!!

I am running Exchange 2000 on a server.  That server is dedicated totally for that purpose.  The store.exe is eating up between 95 and 100% CPU consistently!!  I have installed SP4 on the W2K side.  I have SP3 on the exchange itself. I am running Symantec Enterprise for my antivirus.  What the heck can I do to remedy this issue? I have looked and most of what MS has to say about it and, as ususal, there sight was about as helpful as an umberella in a hurricane!  Any ideas?
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The honest truth is, anyone troubleshooting a 100% CPU issue is just shooting in the dark without a perfmon and userdump.  Since there can be literally thousands of causes for this type of behavior, there really isn't a good KB to point you to.  However, since these files can get really big thats kind of where we're at.  So, I'd check a few of these common causes:

1.  Turn off AV completely and see if the problem goes away
2.  Check the app log for 9551 or 9548 warnings
3.  Check app/sys log for any errors
4.  Stop SMTP... does it go away?  If so its probably a large message or a message with nested attachments.  If thats the case this will go away eventually.
It seems you last repy was sent to my feedback section instead of this question (thanks for the A!).
So everyone else can see it, here was the reply:

"I shut down SMTP and the CPU cycles dropped to nearly nothing!!  Do you think that there are messages hung or something?  If so, is there any way to clear the smtp que??"

The first thing I would do is apply the latest rollup.  There were many fixes along these lines since SP3, download here

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mcsscottAuthor Commented:
I applied all rollups and the SMTP is still pulling 100% CPU.  Any further suggestions?  Is there a way to clear the SMTP manually?  Are there queus that can be cleared?
mcsscottAuthor Commented:
Good advice Marc.  It ended up being an overloaded "badmail" file.  The SMTP got me on the right track.  I used a file from MS called "BadMailAdmin".  It took nearly an hour and a half to clean it all out!!  Pass that on to your future readers!  Everything is back to normal now.  Thanks.
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