Linksys with 5 static ips

I just got a business dsl on a location, bellsouth sent me the dsl router and everything works fine. But now  want to have that service at home where we have fiber, meaing there is no need for a dsl modem......I have set up Linksys BFSr41 router to be in router mode instead of gateway, set up the PPoe and on the LAN ip configured the gateway for the external range... then on the computers connected to the router i set the static external Ips....I get internet and when i do a i get the right ip, which shows that is not natting....the problem is that I cannot do a windows update or have problems connecting to email it cause this is a cheap linksys and is not made to handle this type or routing or is it a setting im missing somewhere. I will really appreciated your help. to summarize this is the setup on the linksys.... WAN=ppoe log in, LAN=static gateway IP, = computer on lan use their static ip with thei gateway as the linksys router.
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could be an MTU issue
this refers to ICS, but the theory is the same
change MTU on client
use drtcp to change the MTU settings
drtcp (free)

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comteknAuthor Commented:
awesome. it worked , thanx steven. But that means that i have to do it  on every computer. Isnt there another way. Do Ii have to get a different router?
No, it isn't the routers fault, it's the default MTU that windows uses. You don't have to do the test on the other machines, just change the MTU
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