ZA vs. Norton vs. ?

I am fed up with the slowness of my Zone Alarm (basic version) and consider moving to Symantec Norton firewall that seems to be faster. Is it as safe? What are the alternatives?
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well i dont think that there is any big difference in both of them..
i personally would prefer zone alarm but well...

software filewalls arent that save in generall..
i mean they are running on your pc.. if a virus makes it in its any easy task to bypass it...

i heard that tiny is the most secure out of its kind becuase its preventing some technics like creating a outbound connection into a trusted process via createremotethread() but there are ways to bypass that aswell afaik..

so at the end its all the same.. its just software.. and it can be bypasses if wanted..
so i suggest you choose the one you like the most and be happy with it =)

feaAuthor Commented:
Are you saying that  Zone Alarm = Norton Firewall = McAfee Firewall?

I now of course a hardware firewall is better, but when you move all the time with your laptop, you need to have a built in solution.
uhm well almost..
i mean its just a matter of which gui you prefer..

its no virus scanner where you can say x find more viriis then y or something like that..
they all provide the same service (almost)
some are better because they hook a little more then the other.. but in the end its all the same.
so when you want to use norton go for it..
its probably as save as the others(almost)..
just make sure you always use the latest version!
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feaAuthor Commented:
This is another point of view. Any comment?

"The free version of Zone Alarm is better than the pay version of Symantec Norton.  Norton is not a permission based firewall.  Its preconfigured permission list automatically grants internet access to certain programs.  This lessens the effectiveness of a permission-based firewall, such as Zone Alarm.  The best thing you can do is upgrade to Zone Alarm PRO, which is the pay version, as this includes many privacy-guard features."
uhm well i dont realy understand the language that this comment was written in..
a firewall without permission ?
thats something new to me...

to the zone alarm thing.. i used the free version of zone alarm for a quite long time and was pretty happy with it..
it has all the features you need..
the only additions the pay version has is a popup blocker some email scanning thing which normaly should be the job of the anti virus and some cookie blocking stuff..

imo these are all features that dont belong to a firewall but well everyone can decide for himself

when you want to be save with your laptop the first thing you should do is to get yourself another browser like opera, netscape fire fox.. or whtevr is outta there..
and get yourself a firewall that blocks the outgoing connections from unknows applications..
and you should be on the save side!
feaAuthor Commented:
I do use Firefox and Thunderbird, with ZA in medium position. What you are saying is that's enough. Right?

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