Program a dektop locker

I want to create a customized desktop that is able to :
-give access to only 3 applications (for e,g internet explorer, msn messenger...)
-Disable Mac Os x system shortcut key like ALT+ESC+COMMAND
-Launch automatically on startup and meanwhile the user cannot do anything (for e.g alter the startup by clicking ALT+ESC+COMMAND).
-The ideal thing is that when users login the customized Desktop is already there.

Thank you

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Most of this is already provided by the Simple Finder limited user configuration.

Goto the "System Preferences -> Accounts" panel.  Select the users for whom
you wish to limit capabilities. Click the "Limitations" tab and select the limited
number of apps you will allow.  

Simple Finder does not prevent the user from typing  ALT-CMD-ESC, however
only the user's own limited apps appear in the list, so he can only force-quit
apps that he could quit normally anyway.

You can find more information on restricted kiosk setups here:

Once you have restricted user access to only a few crappy Microsoft apps,
be sure to tape over the Apple logo on the machine, since you don't want the
users to be fooled into believing they getting any meaningful "Macintosh experience".
bachra04Author Commented:

That sounds good,

but are u sure the user cannot delete anything on the machine or do something harmful ?

As long as the user does not belong to group wheel, or otherwise have Administrator
(or superuser) privileges, he should not be able to do something harmful or delete
anything he doesn't own [or have write permissions for].  Remember that Mac OS X
is a relatively strong version of Unix - ordinary users do not have sufficient permissions
to alter the system in significant ways.  

bachra04Author Commented:
All this is almost what I need,
But I have an extra need and don,t know if it is possible.

The idea is to launch an application on startup that users cannot force quit it
This application displays a customized desktop
To access to computer user must insert his PIN number
The application takes care of verifying the PIN number and giving access to the user in the sense that he can use 3 or 4 other applications (like IE). the application continue to run in the background and at some circumstamces like for e.g 30 mn past it forces quit the user who should login again.
My question is not how to do the application but is this possible ?
i.e prevent the user from force quitting the application or do something else when the application is starting?
You can do those with the SystemUIMode APIs for Kiosk operations:

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