Calling Microsoft .NET 1.1 Object Functions from ColdFusion?

Hello Experts!

Currently we are running a Macromedia Coldfusion MX 6.1 Server.
For the next project update we want to integrate additional data which we can retrieve by calling functions of an Objects/Interface in Microsoft .NET 1.1.

Do we have a chance to call them from ColdFusion?
Maybe using <CFOBJECT>? Or somehow Via HTTP/WebService?
We dont have any experience with the .NET Framework.

We also already found out that probably the new BlueDragon Coldfusion Server .NET (from New Atlanta Communications) will have built-in support for calling .NET Objects but this is still a beta version which cannot be purchased yet, and currently we really would like to keep the Macromedia Coldfusion Server...

Thanks in Advance!

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might want to read

i think it is possible tho. but that's an educated guess
CFHTTP would be the most obvious and reliable option.
For the next project update we want to integrate additional data which we can retrieve by calling functions of an Objects/Interface in Microsoft .NET 1.1.

err... you might want to migrate to with C# or or with the bluedragon's coldfusion.

BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework enhances the CFOBJECT tag to allow you to invoke .NET objects written in any supported programming language (C#, VB.NET, COM, etc.). CFX tags can also be written in any .NET programming language

bluedragon is still new, i do not recommend migrating your current projects there.
if its a new project, its your call.
Migrate from Coldfusion6.1 to BlueDragon? i dont think so, its a big risk. if new server.. hmm...  maybe.

however, if you need to use .NET, you need to install .NET framework on your servers.
which means your server can also run and other .net Framework.

if you want to stay with coldfusion6.1, that ok too, use java or coldfusion.

i dont think the current coldfusion cfobject can use .net functions. (90%sure)
webservice? yes i think so. build the webservice in .net and use coldfusion6.1 to use this webservice. (99%sure)
webservice should be able to talk to any http via xml.

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eclipse2kAuthor Commented:

sorry but the URL is not working, i get a 404:

thanks @Jerry,

Jerry, we dont want to migrate to microsoft .NET so quickly because no one of us really knows any .NET language,
we are ColdFusion programmers. And its not a complete new project, its just an extension to an existing coldfusion project.
(sorry if the words 'the next project update' misguided you)
we know that we could do it in ASP.NET but we would need to lear the language first ;)

the problem with web services is that we would need a solution BETWEEN our existing ColdFusion Project AND the
MS .NET Interfaces. The reason: We dont write the Interfaces by ourself, in fact we are in a kind of customer relation,
we want to access the data we buy, but we dont get raw data, we just get access to their .NET interfaces, which
is currently our problem, and we want to call them without changing big parts of our exsting infrastructure.

i'm guessing these .net objects have been exposed as web services. you can call them with cfobject/cfinvoke.

if it returns a complexe datatype (i.e. dataset), you'll have to get or write a parser to handle it since it's not the same as a cf recordset.
eclipse2kAuthor Commented:
Well that wasnt as much as i expected but it helped me a little bit, though, thanks @all
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