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Hello all,

what is the best benchmariking software that can be use to benchmark the performances of solaris servers(e4500, e420, v880. etc)

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It depends on what you want to benchmark.

Integer computing performance?
Floatingpoint computing performance?
Graphics performance?
Disk performance?
Online transactions?
Database trhoughput?
Web hits?
Hi manthanein,
Performance monitoring?
Try top, prstat for processes, GlancePlus for the whole system.


manthaneinAuthor Commented:
hi chris_calabrese,

    we want  to benchmark all that you say as possible.  
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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation ( publishes results for a variety of benchmarks, including integer cpu performance, cpu performance,  graphics, java apps, mail serving, web serving, and file-serving. You can't run the benchmarks yourself, but they publish the results of benchmarks they've run.

The Transaction Processing Council ( also pulishes results but not benchmarks. They have results for database transaction processing, eCommerce, and decision-support.

Some others that come to mind include LAPACK for scientific computation (, iozone for disk-io (, and webstone for webservers (

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To collect system data, you might look at dim_STAT as well -  Written by a Sun employee in Sun's Global Benchmark Center in France.  It runs several process to collect data on the clients including vmstat, mpstat, iostat, vxstat, harstat, memstat, vxstat, several network related commands, a customized ps command.  It can also be taught how to run commands you would like to collection data for and store this data.  It uses mySQL as the database.  The interface is web based and uses some rather simplistic java graphs - the graph may not be as pretty as RRD graphs but the information displayed is great.

This tool is not Sun intellectual property - it is all maintained by Dimitri, the author, on his own.  The current version is v6.0 but there is a v6.1 which some nice tweaks to it.  

dim_STAT were written for benchmark environments - start collecting data, start benchmark, stop benchmark, stop collecting data.   So once a collection stops, you can't restart it.  You have to start another collection - no way to merge the data [v6.0 and below]

v6.1 addresses this minor annoyance - you can restart collections and it will expand out data gaps - BUT you'll have to see if Dimitri will release this version publically - currently only available internally at Sun.

You could also look at ORCA ( - which uses the SE Tool Kit that has already been mentioned).  
Is the SE tool kit not good enough?
Sorry I'd never head of it, and also didn't notice Nukfror re-iteration of it - when he advised ORCA.
Works for me.
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