CTime({ado.x}) returning "12:00 AM" for all {ado.x}

CTime({ado.x}) returning "12:00 AM" for all {ado.x}.  The CTime function takes number or string arguments.  My argument is an integer that can range from 0 to 2399.  No matter what the integer value, CTime is returning "12:00 AM"!  This doesn't do what I think it should do.  All I want is for it to return the time on a 12-hour clock.

By the way...

I checked Format Field and the sample at the bottom of the Date/Time tab is the correct time format I desire.  

I've tried CTime(CStr({ado.x})) and get a bad time format string.

I've also IsTime({ado.x}) and it's returned True.  

So what gives???  Please help.
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Where are you using this function?

What version of Crystal?

MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
In a formula in my Crystal report.  Version 8.5.
Can you provide some sample values for {ado.x}?  

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MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
They range from 0 to 2359.  Like, 930, 1100, 1415, 2130.
Try this:


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MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
OK that makes more sense now.  You originally listed 0 to 2359.

I am assuming then that:

930 = 9:30 am
1100 = 11:00 am
1415 = 2:15 pm
2130 = 9:30 pm

I assume that whole hours such as 1:00 pm are listed as 1300 and 9:00 am as 900.
The integer stores time in military format with hours and minutes only.

If my assumptions are correct then you can do the following:
Create a formula as follows:
if len(totext({Ado.x})) = 4 then TimeSerial(0,(tonumber(right(totext({Ado.x}),2))),(tonumber(left(totext({Ado.x}),2))*3600)) else
if len(totext({Ado.x})) = 3 then TimeSerial(0,(tonumber(right(totext({Ado.x}),2))),(tonumber(left(totext({Ado.x}),1))*3600)) else
if len(totext({Ado.x})) = 2 then TimeSerial(0,{Ado.x},0) else

Put the formula in the report and it should give you what you are looking for.  I am sure there are other ways of getting the same results.  This is just what came to mind.

MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
Your assumptions are correct.  And I did mistakenly say 2399 instead of 2359 in my original post.  I've accepted bdreed35's answer.  Thanks.
NP, I did not refresh my browser before posting.  :-)  His answer is much better.

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