PIX Configuration

I'm running a PIX with the latest IOS and I'd like to set it up to use access-lists instead of conduits.

static (inside,outside) netmask 128 5
conduit permit tcp host eq smtp any

The above is a sample of what I have.  What I need is this:

Allow into network:, SMTP to, HTTP and HTTPS to
Allow out of network: HTTP, HTTPS, and SMTP from anyone, FTP from

The network also allows a VPN connection from various at home clients.

Can someone provide the access-list and related commands that I need to get this to work?

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   clear conduit  <== removes all conduit statements

   access-list outside_in permit tcp any host eq smtp
   access-list outside_in permit tcp any host eq http
   access-list outside_in permit tcp any host eq https

   access-group outside_in in interface outside

Those commands assume that you have another static (inside,outside) statment for the http/https host
Be careful what you ask for in outbound control. You should permit DNS as well as the others. Without an explit access list applied to the inside interface, all outbound traffic is permitted. If you want to permit ONLY those protocols:
   access-list inside_out permit udp any eq 53
   access-list inside_out permit tcp any eq http
   access-list inside_out permit tcp any eq https
   access-list inside_out permit tcp any eq smtp
   access-list inside_out permit tcp host any eq ftp

   access-group inside_out in interface inside


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Robing66066Author Commented:
Good point.  I didn't think of DNS.  

I notice you have the 10.1.x.x network listed.  In fact, I'll actually need any address with a 10.x.x.x be allowed out.  Would that change things to

I'm also assuming I'll need to add something like this:

static (inside,outside) netmask 128 5
Yes, on both counts.
Use whatever mask is appropriate for you.
Statics are required.
Robing66066Author Commented:
Thanks.  I'll give it a try.
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