Problem with emails with "Invalid or non existent document"

When this error occurs "Invalid or non existent document" with  a notes client's email. The email cannot be deleted unless by doing a Shift/F9 (repair of the index) this will get rid of the email. Is there a way to restore the email without needing to restore from a tape backup or having the sender re-send the email? I would like to avoid even doing a SHIFT/F9 to get any email fixed.
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That error usually occurs with an out of date or corruptindex (which shift-f9 usually fixes permanently).  The document, in all cases, was already deleted, it was just still showing in the view.  The document could have been deleted automatically if it was corrupt (fixup will do this -- it actually purges the document without leaving a deletion stub, which is what normal deletion would leave). Or, the user could have simply deleted the document, though this usually results in Document has been deleted, not in Invalid or nonexistent document.

If this error occirs repeatedly, I have two suggestions:
1) hunt down what is causing the document to get deleted in teh first place, check your logs
2) if shift-f9 fixes the problem but t returns for the same view, doa complete replace design of the user mailbox, because it sounds as if the design source has become corrupted

It also can't hurt to do a full compact/fixup/reindex

FYI, this really elongs in the Lotus DOmino Administration topic area.

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twizted_teckAuthor Commented:
So after the email has become corrupt, it is impossible to fix the email other than to restore from tape media or having the email re-sent?
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The email has not become corrupt, only the view index.  However, it is possible that a "deeper" case is that some of the messages became corrupt and were purged (since a corrupt document is not permitted).  Docs unexpectdly purged might cause the index to fail to update (so it leaves an entry for the purged doc, with no actual document behind it).  View rebuild causes complete initialization of view index, so only valid docs are added back in.

Does that clarify?

If you did lose a corrupt doc, thn yes, the only way to get it back is from a separate copy (which could be tape, or could be a replicated/clustered mail file copy).
twizted_teckAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help qualetee!!!
I am using C to render the note. I am stucked when I come to the point CompoundTextAddRenderedNote(params..........)
It is giving ERROR code 551->"Invalid or nonexistent document".
How to get rid of from this issue...? Please help me.

Below is the attaced NSF.
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