How to append a row to an existing drop down list so the user sees None and the selected value is 0 as the first choice.

Greetings experts.

I am loading a drop down list using the following procedure. My question is how do I add an entry to the ddlHourDrop below so that the first choice in the list is None in the datatextfield property and 0 in the datavaluefield property without None and 0 actually being a row in the source table  PS_Hours (see stored procedure below).



   Private Sub HourAdd_ddl()
        ' This code loads the hour drop-down list used when adding a time record
        Dim cmdSelect As SqlCommand
        Dim dtrHour As SqlDataReader
        cmdSelect = New SqlCommand("PS_HourDrop", conPS)
        cmdSelect.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
        dtrHour = cmdSelect.ExecuteReader()
        ddlHourDrop.DataSource = dtrHour
        ddlHourDrop.DataTextField = "HourDesc"
        ddlHourDrop.DataValueField = "Hourid"
    End Sub

The following is the stored procedure that loads the ddl.

SELECT HourDesc, Hourid
From PS_Hours
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before populating the drop down add an empty line

after that populate from your SP

and then DropDown1.SelectedIndex = 0
WReadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion above. However, when I add the following line of code you suggested
' DropDownList1.Items.Add("") ' before I populate the ddl with my SP, the new item is not inserted into the ddl.
I tried doing what you suggested without calling the SP and the new blank row does in fact get inserted into the ddl. I still have the original problem which is I can't populate the ddl manually(as you suggested) AND from the SP. It is as if the SP is replacing/overriding the added item. Is this possible? Recall the following line in my procedure above
ddlHourDrop.DataSource = dtrHour. I think this line says that the datasource for my ddl is the datareader named dtrHour.
Does this line overwrite your items add line of code?

Could you please be more specific with regard to exactly where I should insert these two lines of code with regard to my vb procedure above? FYI, Following your instructions I inserted  DropDownList1.Items.Add("") at the very top of my procedure named HourAdd_ddl(). Next I inserted DropDown1.SelectedIndex = 0 just before the folllowing databind
statement  ddlHourDrop.DataBind() that is just before the ConPS.close() statement. Thanks again for your suggestion.
Any additional ideas?

After bind insert a new item to the dropdownlist at the first position

        ddlHourDrop.DataSource = dtrHour
        ddlHourDrop.DataTextField = "HourDesc"
        ddlHourDrop.DataValueField = "Hourid"
        ddlHourDrop.Insert( 0, "None" )
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How about setting the SelectedItem value to -1 after data binding?
I'll recommend to add new row with the parameters that you want to show, to the table returning form the sp, and then databind.....


DataTable tab1 = DataLayer.GetTable();  // i'm guessing that gettable returns a table based on a sp.
DataRow r1 = tab1.NewRow();
r1["ID"] = 0;
r1["name"] = "None";      // I'm guessing that the table has a columnd ID and a column None, and one is the Display Value  
                                     //and the other is the Value Member

comboBox.DataSource = tab1;
comboBox.DisplayMember = "name";
comboBox.ValueMember = "ID";

comboBox.SelectedValue = 0;
hope this helps...

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Sorry I didn't read the q carefully, to make the text to "none" and value to 0

        ddlHourDrop.DataSource = dtrHour
        ddlHourDrop.DataTextField = "HourDesc"
        ddlHourDrop.DataValueField = "Hourid"
        ddlHourDrop.Insert( 0, New ListItem("None", "0") )
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