Time keeps changing...


This might seem very generic but it's really bugging me. Each time I log into my computer it sets the time to one hour ahead. My Time Zone is US Tijuana. I suspect it started happening when our times changed a couple of weeks ago.

I de-selected the option to adjust my time for Daylight Savings Time but that didn't affect anything. I also told XP not to synchronize it's clock, but that didn't help either. I'm baffled.

My workstation is Windows XP but it is also happening on my Win98 machine.


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In Date & Time Properties / Internet Time tab.
Disable "Automatically synchronize with an internet time server"
Does it for XP
For Windows 98 i don't know.

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You might also want to check your BIOS' system time to see if that got changed.  If it didn't, then that's all the system has to base its time on when it boots.

You might want to check for spyware/adware and remove.
jhiebAuthor Commented:
I'm going to divide the points on this one but almost want to say it was SpyWare <grin>. I'll give the most points to LongBow because that is what you would normally have to do. I have a Netware server that I am doing testing on. The time on it was incorrect. It was synchronizing my workstations and changing the time on them.

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