Problem viewing workgroup "workgroup" from a Windows 2k machine

My roomate can easily see many computers in the network workgroup here on the campus residential network; however, from my windows 2k machine, i cannot see ANY machines in the workgroup. If I search for a spefic computer name, within the workgroup, acess is denied. Is this a common issue with Window 2000 machines in an environment of mostly XPs? Or is there a way to fix this? Also, every one here on campus is assigned a static IP, if that helps any.
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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
A few things to try here:

  Are you a member of the workgroup?
If not, then become a member, talk to the administrator of the Workgroup, and ask to add you to it.

If you are a member. then try this

   Go to:
Administrator Tools | Services
Make sure that [Computer Browser] is Started
If it is not Started then
Double Click on it.
Set the following:
Startup Type: Automatic

Then click on[Start]

If it is already "Started"
Then try [Stop] & then [Start]
And see if it will allow you to browse

If the above does not work, then let me know, with some more details.
And I (or) someone else will try to assist further.

The Server Service must also be running for you to be able to see computers on the network.  Get to services by: Start -> Run, Type Services.msc

kathleensheehanAuthor Commented:
A Little more info for ya'll...
I have checked and restarted both of those settings in Services still with no avail.
I can see 'Workgroup' under the Microsoft Windows Network area, However,
 once I click to browse computers in it, it will  hang for about 20 sec then give
a dialog box saying that the network path cannot be found.
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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Make sure that you have the correct IP Address and Subnet & Gateway Assigned to your computer's Ethernet Adapter.

[Right] Click on your Ethernet Card and go to:
Properties then TCP/IP Settings.

Make sure that you have it set up properly.

IP Address:

DNS Server: ( This will be what ever the Admin tells you to put in )

IF everything is set properly as the example Above.

With the way that it sounds, you do not have your Gateway set up to see the Network.

Win2k can pick up on any network, rather it is XP or not.
The OP does not make a difference when Networking in a factor.

Check the Gateway information, if all else.
Check your Ethernet properties against your friends.
Get him to do a Print Screen and send it over too you.
Everything should be Identical except the "IP Address"
The Subnet & Gateway & DNS all should be equal values.

Good luck, keep up informed.


Hey....Do you have any firewalls installed?  ZoneAlarm or on the XP machines the built in firewalls?  These may prevent you from seeing them depending on the settings.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:

  They are on a Win2k machine, Not XP for the Built in Firewall
(Or are you referring too, the XP Machines in the network? No his? )

If the XP Machines in the Network have their Firewall set to now allow.
Then the other XP Machines would not be able to either.
So it is not a matter of rather or not the XP machines have them selves set up to allow or not.
I think that their problem is either:

The TCP/IP Information is not set up properly in the Win2k System
Or [kathleensheehan] has a Firewall installed, and is not allowing herself to see the outside world.

   Give you a little bit of information here on Security.
Broadband Connection, are like a Huge-Network.
When you first get Broadband, you will be able to go into
Your "My Network Places" and view everyone that is on the network.
Rather you are located in a Collage-School setting.
You are connected to you local ISP with Broadband.
You will still be able to see everyone that is on, that is not protected.

This is considered to be a security factor, and will put you at risk to allow
An anonymous attacker to take control of your computer.
This is the reason why running a Firewall is so very crucial in situations
Like this.

Lets say that you are able to see the world.
That will mean that the world (Campus) can see you as well.

In every school, just like every community, there is Hackers.
Someone somewhere knows about all these computers that are visible to the Network. And knowing this, they know that they have access to this system's at any given time.
XP's Built in Firewall is secure, But it is tested and not as secure a Microsoft initially wanted it to be, That is why it is best to either have a
"Software (or) Hardware" Firewall installed to keep at least you protected from a potential hacker.

Win2k systems are much more secured and reliable, but lack the Firewall that WinXP has bundled with it. So, we have to get 3rd party software to protect ourselves from the outside world.

Be cautious trying what you are trying. As you might open yourself up to every anonymous hacker/intruder out there.

Unless the Entire campus is located on a Huge Network.
With the ability to browse into certain computers, if that is not the case.
Then it is best to leave it alone. So that you do not get:
#1: Caught browsing someone’s computer, this is illegal and can carry Jail Time, and get your kicked out of school, and a black mark put on your permanent record.

#2: Allow someone to come into your computer and delete files, or worse. Take the collage paper that you are working on away from you, and you fail on something that you have been working on for weeks. And with no backup.

Think about it?
Be careful and good luck

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Sorry made a mistake

No his?
Meant to be:

Not hers?)

Sorry Kathleen;

kathleensheehanAuthor Commented:
I do have zone alarm running at all times, and even when i turn off the firewall, i still cannot see anyone in the network. My two roomates, who have xp running can see each other just and me just fine. All of my ip settings(gateway, and dns) are configured exactly as i was assigned...this has got me miffed....
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Try something.

Bring up your Dos Promt (Command Prompt)
Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt

Type this in ( Change the IP Address with your friends IP Address )
At C:\> Promt (Or what ever your drive user struture may be)

Hit [Enter]

  See if it can find your friends computer this way.
If so then try this.
Go into your Network Card
TCP/IP | Advanced | DNS
Put ticks & checks in the following area's

[Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes]
[Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix]
& at the bottom
[Register this connection's address in DNS]

On the [WINS] Tab......tick & Check the following

[Enable LMHOSTS lookup] Default Ticked
[Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP]

Then save |Apply | Save changes

Then Reboot the computer
Log back on, and see if your can now see your friends computers.
If not, then you have a problem somewhere else, that is not the Network Card.

XP Cannot block a Win2k system from viewing it Machine Name Properties.
I just ran a Network for my Father a few weeks ago.
2 XP Laptops
Dual Boot - Win98se & Win2k

And the Win2K could see everything and get to everything, without any special settings.

Now the items that I mentioned above in the TCP/IP Properties.
This should ALL be set at Default, not unless they got misconfigured on install, or was reset by ZoneAlarm.

Good Luck


kathleensheehanAuthor Commented:
WOW! Tons of good information, thanks for all of the good recomendations. I have tried all y'all suggestions, yet still, I cannot seem to get past this.

Also, just so y'all know, I'm trying to get a SolidWorks project file from a friends computer here on campus, as we are both working on a project for an engineering class and need to be able to easily work on the same project(located on his comp) from my machine too!
New Error this time though!!
"Workgroup is not accessable.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available"
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Your friend has not got his "Server" Services running.
Get him to go into the

Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services
( I think that is correct on XP )
Choose "Server" And Start it.
If it is already Started, Then Stop and Restart.

Also make sure that "Computer Browser" is working.
Also get him to make sure that he is infact "Sharing" the folder
That the file resides in.
Right Click on the Folder | Share | Allow "You" or "ALL"
But if he can see you, then he should be able to just add you
To the Share, and no one else.

Good Luck
Just out of curiosity are both of your computers located in the same room or even the same building?  If they are across campus from each other it is very likley that you will not be anle to see his computer.  Please let us know where the computers are located so we can get a better idea of what is going on.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
If I not mistaking [brownmattic];
The friends computers are located in the same room.

If they are located across compus, they would still beable to
See each other, as long as they are on the same Router Setup.

We did a job a few years ago at the University Campus , and the total length of the longest section of cable
( Going through Boosters ) was 750ft.
Total cable used on the job was 1.2 miles.
5 20-Port Switches.
2 - Cisco Routers.

Great job, everything worked like a charm.
All the "Administrators" could browse the main server located
Center Building Campus.

  As long as the Campus is wired properly, you can see and surf.

Ya what I was thinking is that they may be located on different network segments that were not passing the traffic between them.  i think we need to know a litle more about the network setup.
kathleensheehanAuthor Commented:
[mr. carz]
 its hard to say this, but i'm gonna have to try the XP upgrade finally. Its gonna be hard to part with this 2K Pro, but I think its for the best of both me, and my machine. I'm really gonna miss all the straight-up OS features of 2K, I'll have to use that windows classic theme on XP, just for ole memories sake. I'll keep y'all posted on the transition, and possible results....
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Good luck on that one.
I tell you, I have run Win2k since its release.
I have run WinXP since its release.

XP has no comparison to the File Security that 2k does.

  With everything that "we" have told you here.
It is not a Win2k issue, you have another problem somewhere else.
And you may still have the problem if you upgrade to XP.
Before you go out and spend (waste in my opinion) the money. Check everything you can, Recheck again.
Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly constructed and paired. Make sure that your Ethernet Card does not hava flaw.

Other computers can get to you.
You cannot get to them,
Make sure that they are not somehow blocking you.

Anyway, good luck.
Even though we were unable to help you with your ordeal.
I think that that "Myself & Brown"
Deserve the points for the time that we have taken in this post.
But that is up to you on rather or not you want to give them out or not.

Take Care and Good Luck.

  XP is good for one thing. It is a great operating system to learn on, once you learn XP then you will really miss 2k's stability.

also to [Brownmattic];
Her friends can see her computer, but she cannot see their computer.

Take Care

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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I can live with a [B]
Considering that we was unable to get the issue resolved.

Good luck on the Upgrade to XP.

Make sure that your computer will infact Upgrade.
Make sure that you have all the Upgraded Drivers.
XP has most of the drivers already in it, to handle nearly.
Anything that comes its way, But it does not have everything.
Video Card's XP usally have
Sound Cards - Sometimes, depending on the model
Ethernet Card, XP most likely will have it.

Take Care
kathleensheehanAuthor Commented:
Thanks a bunch man! I hope this upgrade will do it, although I'm gonna wait a couple days before i finally commit, seing how i am really attached to the simplistic UI, and settings of 2K; i just want to make sure that I'm making the right decision and all! I'll let you know how it goes!
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Your welcome.

  If all else felse, you can always redo the 2000 with 2000
And see what happens.
Try everything you can, before spending the money on and Upgrade.

Like I posted in another question, If I was their I could fix the problem.
But like everyone here on EE, we cannot always see the problem through
The words that we read on the screen.

Good Luck

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