Calling a DUN-connection window from Flash Projector

Hello Everyone:

I'm trying to call a dial-up conecction from inside a Flash projector, so people are able to connect to the internet and submit the info generated.
Previously I managed to do this by "faking" an executable by doing this:

-The cd with the proyector had an autorun so a splash window poped-up
-As the splash screen closed it called an instance of IE and I loaded every swf just as a webpage...
-People would navigate the page and suddenly when they wanted to submit their comments i called a webpage on the internet sending all of the data, this would lead into 2 different scenarios:
 1)The user was already connected, so the webpage received the info and thanked the user.
 2)The user was not connected, and IE would automatically bring up the DUN connection window, the user decided whether to connect or not and send in the info

This time I decided to keep it IE-independent (because of pop-up blockers and overall image of the project) but I lost the aforementioned feature (that seemed very useful to many users)

Does anyone knows if any of those "swf2exe" applications in the market can do this?

Alternativelly. Is there any way to make the projector call OS commands to star up the DUN-connection window? (if yes... Do you know where can I find the command to call?)

Thank You
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Screenweaver is a very nice tool with a lot of capabilities.... but not a free tool. Look at the features here:

Flashjester has a special tool for checking the online-status. It has many different tools, but this one is related the most to your question.
See the details of this function here:

Again not free but pretty usefull if you create a lot of projector files.
maiqAuthor Commented:
but I aldeady find a solution for this, as I can run batch files based upon certain conditions (checking if an internet blank movie loads correctly) in any of the batch files I just need to run the command "Rasphone"
This will bring the Network Connection window so the user can select one.

Thank you for the afore recomendations though.
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