Memories Test keep running.

Hi all experts,

After I replace the computers batteries on the motherboard, the memory test on the startup of the computer keep running from 0 to maximum, and start from 0 to maximum again in the black and white screen.  It said if you want to exit the memory test, press ESC.

I wonder what's wrong with it and how can I fix the problem.  Thanks for all replies ^_^
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Check the BIOS settings for a setting to enable "quick" memory test.  It sounds like the battery switch caused the system to lose the previous setting and go back to factory default.  Am I right in assuming the system otherwise runs normally?

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That's a normal thing for most computers to do. The computer's BIOS is simply doing a "quick test" of the RAM as Tom-at-Spectrum alluded to. There is nothing wrong with this can only help, but if you find it annoying, follow Tom's advice and disable the quick memory test at startup option in the BIOS

hope this helps.
jesshonAuthor Commented:
During the first boot up, it said Check sum error, defaults loaded.  So, it is normal too?  

Thanks for all replies.
Yes, on the first boot after clearing the CMOS (which you did by replacing the battery), there will be a checksum error and the defaults will be loaded...this is perfectly normal.
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