Tick box enlarged

is there any way to enlarge the tick box on a form

i'm not very farmilier with access so a detail explanation would be prefered

thanx for your time and help
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unfortunately ... no ... the size of the checkbox is fixed. You cold use a texbox and set the font to an appropriate size and then add / remove the letter "X" in the click event and then translate that to your field that is expecting -1 or 0. More work than it is worth.

To create a Large Checkbox, you need three controls...

1) you have a check box, let's call it chkTiny, with a label. In the properties, set the width and height to 0, this will leave only a tiny grey spot.

2) create a textbox, for example txtTinyLARGE, with the control source set to:
    = IIf( chkTiny, "a", "")
Set the following properties: Enabled: No, Locked: Yes.
Set the font to something where "a" looks like a check mark, i.e. Webdings...
An of course, choose a large font size and enlarge the text box...
Ah, yes, delete its label...

Now you have a large check box. The only problem left is that you can check it only by clicking on the label, not on the "check box" itself... This is where the third control comes in:

3) Create a button, having the same size as txtTiny, exaclty *over* it (hiding it). Let's call it cmdCheckTiny.
In the properties of the button, set Transparent: Yes, and Tab Stop: No
Then go to the "On Click" property, select "[event handler]" and press the builder button: [...]

In the module, adjust the code to read:

Private Sub cmdCheckTiny_Click()
    chkTiny = Not chkTiny
End Sub

There you go.... As Steve said... probably "more work than it is worth"...


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Hmm, when I say "by clicking on the label", I mean of course the label of the check box, that is still visible...
Maybe I should mention another trick here...

If you consider the boxes too small for clicking on them, not for reading them, you can enlarge the label to cover an area around the check box itself:

    | click here:        [v]       |

This way, a slight "misclick" will still check/uncheck the box.

Yet another afterthought...

By using the last solution, i.e. a large label, you could leave step 3) out... no need for a tranparent button as the checkbox label will do the job quite well!

Out for now :)

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