KVM switch needed, but with a twist...(just Keyboard and Mouse needed)

The keyboard is PS/2

The mouse is USB

The monitor has built in 2nd source capability, which works better than any KVM could provide (I would guess).

Manual switching is just fine.  I don't necessarily want to hit scroll lock twice and up arrow, etc. since I will be switching the monitor manually anyway.

So, is there a manual KM switch on the market that I just cannot seem to locate?
Alternatively, a cheap KVM switch with the PS/2 and USB combo?  Cheap in this sense means the quality of the shielding of the video is inconsequential since it won't be used.

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Hi KingDumbNo,
You can use a USBtoPS2 adapter, that's not a bih deal. Yes there are $5 KVM's out there which are manual and they are garbage. It will work for awhile but ever now and then when you switch the computer will stop recognizing the PS2 ports. I would just get a good belkin KVM. With a decent KVM the video is not really a big issue as to really notice a difference between it and the second source port on that monitor.

I would just pick up a simple 2-Port KVM like this one from Belkin

It has the manual KVM switch on top....just don't connect the monitor ports. It's cheap and comes with the cables. You'll be all set!

hope this helps.

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I was thinking the USB to PS2 adpater myself, but if you wanted to use USB, check out this offering as well...
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KingDumbNoAuthor Commented:
Thanks NetworkArchitek and DVation191.


I don't know what the -B is, but without it (i.e., F1DJ102P) this model costs $60 at BestBuy.com and only $30 for model F1DJ102P-B on the provided newegg.com website.  Thoughts?  BestBuy doesn't have F1DJ102P-B.

I don't think there is any such thing as that model without the -B
I think best buy has the wrong model listed. If you search belkins website for that model
F1DJ102P site:belkin.com
you'll see there is no refernce to that model KVM without the -B.

Look at this link on belkin's website...its the same exact KVM on best buy's website, and for the right price. This KVM has built in cables...the one I posted above has modular cables that are included. Not worth the price difference if you ask me.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Something like this should work - I'm currently unable to test it - you might have to tweak the numers a little, define some variables, etc, but I believe this will do what you ask.

For x = 0 to (Len(mystring) / 250) - 1
    rem(x) = Mid(mystring, (x * 250), 250)
Next x
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry about that - wrong question (what happened to the question I was on?)
I would look on Tigerdirect.com  Here the prices are pretty good.

Also, Belkin seems to have everything relating to KVM switches.  Here is a link, but they can be a little pricey.

Bernie SalvaggioIT ManagerCommented:
Alternatively, you might want to check out a program called Synergy at http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/

You install the server part of the program on one computer and the client on the other(s).  To switch from one computer to another, you just move your mouse past the side of the screen like you were moving it to a screen next to it, kind of like with dual monitors.  Except in your case, you'd move the mouse then switch your display.  It's free software and is also cross-platform.

Hey here is some more choices for you


Just search in category "KVM switches" and keyword "2 port"
KingDumbNoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  Looks like I will go with the Belkin F1DJ102P-B model, and I may even hook up the monitor to eliminate all of the nuisance of typing on the wrong "screen"
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