Ip Phone 7940 does not ring


I have a Cisco IP Phone 7940 that is acting strange.  When a call comes in the panel will light, but it will not ring. This is a intermitent problem as is currently being remedied by disconnecting and reconnecting the network cable.  Any thoughts on what this might be??

Also, is it possible to update a IP Phone firmware version using Call Manager via. Cisco TFTP?  How can I set a TFTP server up and what is involved in doing so?

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Check that you can play the selected ringtone manually (settings -> ring type).  Could be that the ringtone file is becoming corrupted.  Try selecting a different ringtone and see if you have the same problem?

Also, I recently heard about a problem with phones rebooting due to a problem with ringlist.xml which is downloaded to the phone when it registers with a Call Manager.  Maybe try comparing this file to other Call Managers.

Every time an IP Phone registers with a Call Manager, it will automatically download the latest version of firmware if the version on the Call Manager is newer and you have configured the later version for that device pool.  To update the versions distributed from the Call Manager, just download the firmware from Cisco and place it in the TFTP directory (C:\Program Files\Cisco\TFTPPath) - make sure you copy it to all Call Managers in the cluster.

Then in Call Manager Administration, go to System -> Device Defaults, and specify the firmware load you want to distribute for the device type & device pool.
shrek2Author Commented:
I am very new to IP Phones, and need a little direction.  How can i get to the .xml for selected phones?
shrek2Author Commented:
OK, i figured that out.  i guess my question is, can i update the firmware on a particular phone instead of the entire pool?

we are using call manager 3.2, is 3.3 much better, will it give us some good stuff and mabe fix the ring problem, or is that just a isolated case. it is the only phone i know of that is doing that, so it seems isolated, but i thought i read about something with the 3.2 code that did that?

thanks for your help
My thought was that it could be just the ringtone file corrupted or something.  Worth trying setting a different ringtone and see if you get the same problem before upgrading firmware.  However, if other phones are not affected, it is unlikely to be a firmware problem.  You can upgrade firmware on a single phone by specifying the firmware load file in the device configuration - Device -> Phone <search for the device and select it> then about half way down the page "Firmware load information".

Sounding more like a bad phone though.  Is it still under warranty?

Can't remember exactly but I don't think 3.3 gives you too much extra over 3.2.  The main thing is to keep up with the current release as when you do come to do an upgrade, you will have to do it in multiple stages if you fall too far behind the current version.  The upgrade matrix on cisco.com gives details of that.

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