Blank page without "keep object together" checked and two with it checked.

I have a crystal report (8.5) that when I check "keep object together" in "Format Field" I get two blank pages preceding the data I'm looking for (memo field). When I uncheck the "keep object together" ck box, I only get one. This field displays text that can be 2 to 3 pages long. I have "Can Grow" checked off with "0" unlimited # of lines". If I put a max of 40, then I get data on the first page (just want I want) , but if I go beyond that (which I need to) I again get the blank page. I can't seem to get rid of the blank pages. Any ideas? Thanks...
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Have you tried putting the field in its own section, and then setting the "Keep Section" together propety instead if the "Keep Object Together" property?
You can create a subsection of whatever section the field is currently in, and then move the field there.

Also, can you decribe more about your report?  What section is currently in, what page number(s) is this issue occuring on?  Does it only happen with one record?
The more information you provide, the quicker an answer can be provided.
zalezivy25Author Commented:
The field is in its' own section "Details e" and I've also tried checking the "keep together" section. The data only comes in on page two and skips page one. On page one I only get the group header information and "Details a (which contains several fields -string). It happens with the whole report where the "Details e" (the problem field) is longer than one page.
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I would try removing the "Keep Together" for the Details e section, and also the "Keep Object Together" on the field.
zalezivy25Author Commented:
Yeah, I tried that, doesn't work. The one things that seems to work is when I change the font from 12 to 8 and both pages then fit in one, then everything prints on page 1, but when if it goes to 3 to 4 pages and I can't crunch into one, it begins printing again on page 2 and skips page 1.
This sounds silly but check the report width and the width of all fields above the memo field.  Do any of them extend off the right hand edge?  If so make them less wide so they fit.

Are you doing any grouping?  Groups have several places where they can be set to KEEP TOGETHER

Since you have several detail sections, have you checked the DETAIL section itself to ensure it doesn't have KEEP TOGETHER set

Open the report
Select each section in turn and ensure KEEP TOGETHER is not set


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