Get Characterization data from Index server?

Iv'e got the search page working which returns:


the problem is my search string looks like this:

SELECT DocTitle, Size, Filename, Vpath, Write, Characterization, Rank
WHERE FREETEXT('" & TextBox1.Text & "')
ORDER BY rank"

you can see that the returned fields do not include DocTitle and Characterization.  I have clicked "Generate Abstracts" and have restarted server and service.  

When I look in the catalogs properties:
Characterization  =  VT_LPWSTR   4   Secondary
DocTitle  =  VT_LPWSTR   4   Secondary

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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You have the wrong group, this question doesn't have anything to do with!

westbergkAuthor Commented:
The search page is written in

When I use my asp version it returns this info without any issues.  So I assume it does have something to do with a portion of either asp or  I guess thats why I'm here.

If it runs the same in ASP, it may be a security issue on your filesystem.  (At least it looks like you are querying a filesystem..)

try adding this to your web.config, and see if it makes a difference
<identity impersonate="true" userName="MYDOMAIN\SomeAdminAccount" password="password" />

This would not be a solution, just a way for you to narrow down the problem.
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westbergkAuthor Commented:
same outcome...

I just tried using all phrases available and it returned the following fields:


from this query:

Characterization, DocTitle, Size, Filename, Vpath, Write, Rank, ShortFileName, Path, FileIndex, DocWordCount, DocTitle, DocTemplate, DocSubject, DocParaCount, DocPageCount, DocManager, DocLineCount, DocLastSavedTm, DocAppName, Directory, Create, Contents, ClassId, Attrib, Access, DocLastPrinted, DocLastAuthor, DocKeywords, DocCreatedTm, DocCompany, DocComments, DocCharCount, DocAuthor

WHERE FREETEXT('" & TextBox1.Text & "')
ORDER BY rank desc"

the result is filling a datagrid with auto populate set to true.  So the order that the grid is rendering is the order it's receiving.  Which means Characterization and DocTitle are not even available... along with all the others not showing up.

I don't have any experience with these queries, and I really doubt many people who browse this group do either.  Heck I've even used full-text search, and you got me baffled.  I'd try posting it here microsoft.public.sqlserver.fulltext, The guys there are really good about getting you an answer.
westbergkAuthor Commented:
I found the following link which answers the missing field issues...

It appears the datagrid has a problem with the way the index server returns it's data.  I just looped thru a reader and everything was there... Good old asp table rendering comes to the rescue.

I'll keep this open for a few days to see if anyone has a better solution than stepping thru a reader.

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